Thanksgiving To-Dos: Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

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As the holiday season approaches, countless homeowners are busy planning for parties and house guests. To make sure your home is cozy, comfortable and safe for friends and family, complete these four tasks before your Thanksgiving celebration.

Have your furnace inspected. Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure your furnace is functioning properly. Have a trusted HVAC company inspect the motor and fan, gas pipes, blower and emissions. If you take pride in doing these types of projects yourself, consult the following gas furnace maintenance checklist. Even if your furnace is running in high gear, you may still want to change the filter to keep the air warm and clean for Thanksgiving guests.

Balance your heating system. Once you are confident your home heating system is working like a charm, you will want to balance the heat flow to create a more comfortable atmosphere. When it’s cold outside, people tend to dress in sweaters and heavy clothes. You don’t want your guests drowning in sweat or escaping to the front porch every ten minutes to cool off in the brisk winter air. Ensure a temperate environment by inspecting the vents in every room to see where airflow is lightest and heaviest. Strategically shut some vents and wait a couple hours to see how your efforts impact each room and the house as a whole.

Clear snow from your roof. Certain parts of the country experience heavy snow long before the holiday season. If it has snowed recently where you live, check to see if there is accumulation on your roof. Not only could this cause damage to your home, it poses a safety risk to guests. If you do see that snow has built up on your roof, use caution before attempting to clear it. Since a hasty effort could cause serious injury, be sure to follow these tips for safe snow removal or contact a professional to do the job for you.

Shovel your driveway. It may seem like common sense to shovel a path for holiday guests. That said, you really need to stay vigilant about snow build-up in the weeks preceding your celebration. Since ground temperatures are higher early in the winter, they can melt underlying snow during the day. Unfortunately, this water then refreezes at night, creating a durable layer of ice that can be difficult to remove. By clearing snowfall from your driveway and sidewalks within a few hours of every single snowfall, you can prevent ice from building up. If you fail to clear snow even one time, you risk ending up with slick ice patches that are all but impossible to remove without carving chunks from your driveway. What’s worse, these ice patches could result in serious injuries and liability issues if a guest suffers a fall.

When most people prepare their home for holiday festivities, they focus on food and aesthetics. While these aspects are essential characteristics of a successful gathering, they aren’t the only things that matter. Be sure to set aside some time to inspect your home for potential problems to ensure a safe, comfortable setting for your celebration.


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