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– the most affordable real estate markets in the US in 2019 – The Most Affordable Real Estate Markets - U.S. 2019 | 2-10 Blog

These Are the Best Real Estate Markets in the Country for Home Buyers

From a revitalized Rust Belt to smaller and more affordable towns situated close to major cities, the U.S.’s top real estate markets might surprise you.

Read on for a primer about some of the most affordable U.S. real estate markets in 2019, take note of the factors that make them attractive to buyers and then think about how the real estate landscape in these cities and regions compare to your own market. If any of these cities and towns are near your market, be sure to keep them in mind if you are seeking a more affordable home.

Different publications use different criteria to make their assessments, so the ultimate list of most affordable markets will vary from one publication to the next.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michigan’s economy has been on the upswing since the 2008 recession ended, and there’s no better proof of these economic improvements than Grand Rapids. Located on the state’s western coast, this Midwestern city boasts a growing economy, access to beautiful places like Lake Michigan and plenty of art and entertainment.

The best part? The average price of a home is well under $200,000, according to WinningAgent.com.

Omaha, Nebraska

There’s more to Nebraska than its reputation as a flyover state, as Omaha handily demonstrates. The city has low unemployment, due to its growing role as a hub for technology companies.

The housing market in Omaha has grown in recent years and homes stay on the market for an average of 16 days before selling. The median home price of a home is under $237,000, which is a steal compared to many metro areas across the country.

Camden, New Jersey

A popular real estate investment blog known as Mashvisor, reached a different conclusion when assessing affordability throughout the U.S. Their team gave Camden the #1 spot on their list of the most affordable real estate markets for 2019, with a median property price of only $101,550.

The state’s capitol Trenton, takes the #2 spot, with a median property price of $140,947. Clearly, parts of the Garden State are a solid option for buyers seeking a more affordable home. Both towns are within two hours of New York City, too.

Huntsville, Alabama

The U.S. News and World Report reached an entirely different conclusion on their housing affordability study. Their research focused on the percentage of income spent on living expenses, which is an extremely helpful measure of affordability. In this southern city, only 19.3% of a household’s median income goes toward housing costs. According to Zillow, the median home price is $154,200.

Huntsville also has a strong economy to complement its low housing costs. Aerospace and defense are the dominant industries, but technology firms are also migrating to the area.

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