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Top Mobile Apps for Managing Your Home Building Business


Running a small home building business is hard work. Whether you’re working on a huge remodeling project, making small home repairs or helping a homeowner build innovative additions, finding the time to ensure that contracts are thoroughly completed and subcontractors are paid on time can be challenging. Here are a few mobile apps that might make things a little easier.


Small Technology for Big Payments

The days of carrying around a giant credit card reader are over. Square, a free mobile app, makes it easy to receive online payments using a credit card in a snap, and emails your customers a receipt right on site without having to spend valuable time processing payments. Venmo is a similar application that uses an encrypted platform to allow you to transfer money to anyone, instantly. From vendors to employees to clients, mobile apps offer a convenient, secure method for you to manage your money and resources.


Manage the Books with InDinero

InDinero is a comprehensive approach to business management that allows real-time access to expert accountants, payroll specialists, bookkeepers and tax preparers, allowing you to outsource your entire back office. With regular reports and weekly emails, this app can help you focus more on profit and marketing, and less on dreary paperwork.


Cloud-Based Document Management

There’s no need to carry around a large binder of paperwork anymore. Using cloud-based document management offers a wealth of applications to help manage your business. Start with Google Drive, which offers 15 gigabytes of free data to store construction plans, contracts, spreadsheets, architectural plans, fee schedules or any other documentation that’s necessary for you to carry out business. Next, turn to Docusign, the free contract management application that remains one of the most popular productivity apps in Apple’s app store.

Integrating mobile technology into your day-to-day business simply makes sense in an age where technology is affordable, sometimes free and there are hundreds of apps that employ brilliant yet simple solutions to help you get work done more efficiently. Help yourself to a more productive, hassle-free year of doing business.