Why 2-10 HBW Does Walk MS Every Year

Why 2-10 HBW Does Walk MS Every Year

Why 2-10 HBW does Walk MS every year

Since the 90s, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) has supported the National MS Society’s Walk MS event. This event raises money to support people with multiple sclerosis and work toward ending MS forever. This year, we want to invite you to join us for Virtual Walk MS. You can sign up by clicking here and joining the Home Buyers Warranty team. We also want to show you why we’ve supported this great cause for nearly 30 years.

Why Walk MS matters

MS is a debilitating disease. Walk MS raises funds to research and work to eliminate MS permanently. 2-10 HBW fundraises for Walk MS, with help from generous people like you, to combat this debilitating disease. This year, we can both fight MS and bring some positivity to a negative time.

Where 2-10 HBW’s relationship with Walk MS began

In the early 90s, one of 2-10 HBW’s original owners discovered that a family member of one of 2-10 HBW’s employees suffered from MS. From then on, 2-10 HBW has committed to making the National MS Society our flagship charity.

How 2-10 HBW has contributed

As a team, 2-10 HBW participated in the very first Walk MS event in Colorado. Since then, we’ve consistently fielded the largest team at the Denver event each year, with an average of 500 people on our team. Eradicating MS is the mission, and people like you who join the 2-10 HBW team each year bring us closer to that goal.

With help from you, 2-10 HBW has had the privilege of raising almost $1.5 million to support the National MS Society. You’ve helped us become the only corporate fundraising team in the Colorado/Wyoming area to raise over $1 million. But we aren’t finished! In 2020, we hope to contribute even more during the Virtual Walk MS. Please join us once again to fight this disease.

How you can help

Helping this cause is simple. Just sign up for the walk and join our team, “Home Buyers Warranty.” Then, just walk your own way while maintaining social distancing. You can walk on your treadmill, around your block or in a local park. Be sure to wear your orange or finest Walk MS garb to show your support!

Helping those with MS is the right thing to do. Let’s do the right thing together and beat MS once and for all.

2-10 HBW wants to invite you to join our team for Virtual Walk MS 2020. Sign up today!


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