Coverage you and your clients deserve.

Breakdowns to important home items (A/C, furnace, fridge) can be extremely expensive. A Home Warranty Service Agreement from 2-10 HBW can help you protect your clients, their budgets, and your reputation.

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What a Home Warranty Service Agreement does for you

Provides protection

If a Covered Item breaks down after closing, your Buyers have a solution. Without a Home Warranty Service Agreement, they may expect you to rectify the problem.

Protects your reputation

Breakdowns can be a huge burden for your clients. With coverage from 2-10 HBW, you can show them your dedication to happy home ownership, which could protect your reputation.

Helps you move forward

Protecting your Buyers against breakdowns when they need it most provides added value. That could lead to fewer complaints, smoother relationships, and more referrals.

Why attach a Home Warranty Service Agreement in this market?

The current Seller’s market has created additional risks for Buyers and agents.

Risks for agents

  • • Spiking E&O claims
  • • Failed transactions
  • • Damaged reputations

Risks for Buyers

  • • Paying over asking price
  • • Waiving inspections
  • • Less money for unexpected breakdowns

A Home Warranty Service Agreement can mitigate these risks while protecting you, your Buyers, and your business.

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Coverage for the new normal

Buyer's remorse is higher than ever. Between inflation and lacking affordability, the challenges don't end at the closing table for your clients. Click below to learn why a home warranty is more important than ever.

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How 2-10 HBW can help you mitigate risks in this market

First, we have a track record of protecting agents and their clients.

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In addition, we help agents stay ahead of emerging risks in the market. Check out how we’re going above and beyond to help agents do the right thing for themselves, their Buyers, and their businesses.

You and your clients deserve exceptional coverage.

2-10 HBW is here to provide it.

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