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Top Roofing Materials for Homes | 2-10 Blog

There are More Kinds of Roofs Than You Might Think! The average person wants a beautiful roof that’s not too expensive, lasts forever and requires no maintenance. In the real world, however, homeowners must balance aesthetics with durability and cost. With a variety of materials available, modern builders have plenty of choices for building attractive […]

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Why do Home Builders Need Structural Warranties?

Make Handling Complaints Simpler- For many people, the purchase of a new home is the single-largest transaction in their lives, and if the home does not satisfy the new homeowner’s expectations, the relationship between the builder and homeowner will deteriorate. If problems occur, there will be complaints, and possibly even lawsuits. It’s difficult to tell […]

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Are Solar Panels Still Important for Eco Homes?

When Building Eco-Friendly Houses, Do You Need Solar Panels? Solar panels have been a huge part of designing eco-friendly homes in recent years, especially as consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious. But, are they still an important feature for home buyers? Keep reading to learn more about the popularity of solar panels, including some new financing […]

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Keeping Clients Happy through a Long Selling Process

What to do When the Home Sale Process Takes Longer than Expected Sometimes it takes longer to sell a home than expected. This lengthy selling process can make some sellers nervous. Here’s how to keep your clients committed through a long selling process. 1. Don’t Let your Client’s Emotions take the Lead Take the time […]

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Five 2016 Home Design Trends to Watch

2016’s Most Interesting Homebuilder Design Trends Welcome to 2016: it’s time to remember that a new year brings in new trends and taste. What home design trends should builders be watching out for this year? Here are five design trends that home buyers are going to be watching in 2016. 5. Art Deco is Back […]

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Builders Can Help Homeowners with Electric Bills

Home Features that Lower Electricity Bills The electricity bill is one of the largest utility bills a homeowner will pay. As a builder, you have the ability to help buyers out with their electricity bills in a dramatic way. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most impactful features you can incorporate into […]

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