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Troubleshooting Breakdowns

Troubleshooting Appliance Breakdowns

Use these recommendations, along with your manufacturer’s instruction manual, to perform maintenance and try to get it running right away!

If these tips don’t help and you have an active 2-10 Home Service Plan, we can help! Just log in to your Homeowner Portal account, check your service contract, and file a claim if you have refrigerator coverage!

Dryer Breakdowns

Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The unit is not getting power
Make sure the unit is plugged in. Check and reset the breaker
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The belt drive is loose or broken
Tighten or replace the belt
The drum is stuck
Check the drum and remove any obstructions
The drum support mechanism is broken
Check and replace as necessary
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The lint trap or exhaust vent is clogged
Clear the trap or vent
There are too many clothes in the dryer
Remove some clothes
The door gasket leaks
Check and replace the door gasket
The heating element may not be operating properly
Check the heating element, thermostat, and timer, and replace as necessary
Possible Cause
Possible Solution
The unit has a bad timer
Check and replace the timer

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