Your Northern California and Nevada Structural Warranty Representative

Seth Lewis is a longtime sales professional who now represents 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) in Northern California and Northern Nevada. 2-10 HBW welcomed him as a Risk Management Specialist in 2021.

Prior to 2-10 HBW, Seth worked as a branch manager and account executive for a trade show/event management firm in Northern California. He and his team worked with clients such as Facebook and IBM to host amazing events.

Seth also has a background in municipal water treatment construction. His experience working with hundreds of contractors and developers, large and small, is incredibly valuable.
He believes that strong communication and authentic empathy are the keys to his success.

“A true salesperson should be a partner to their clients, not just a provider. If you build a relationship with your client where they feel that you have their best interest in mind, a mutually beneficial relationship is sure to develop.”

In his free time, Seth likes to build and drive racecars, hike, and go mountain biking. He and his high school sweetheart Ashley have been together for 18 years. Seth is also Firefighter I/II certified, and he loves to travel and meet new people.