What Does a 10-year Builders Warranty Cover?

Home Builders Coverage for New Construction

A 10-year builders warranty provides structural warranty coverage for new construction homes for a period of up to 10 years. Many builder warranties also include workmanship and distribution systems coverage for a period of time as well.

Floor systems, roof framing systems, masonry, columns, footing, girders and certain walls in a home are all considered load-bearing aspects that are covered in a typical builder warranty.

What types of home projects does a builders warranty cover?

Home builder warranties cover new home builds and home improvement projects.

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How long does a builder have to warrant a house?

It varies by the laws of the state the home is built in, but typically a builder is responsible for One to two-years for workmanship, materials and distribution systems, and up to 10 years for major structural elements.

What is a builders 2/10 warranty?

A builders 2-10 warranty is a structural warranty offered to home builders to protect the homes they build. This warranty is also known as a 2-10 warranty or a structural warranty. A 2-10 warranty covers one year of workmanship, two years of distribution systems and 10 years of structural defects on new homes.

How long should a builder guarantee work?

Every state has laws that determine how long a builder is responsible for their work. And while most home builders stand behind their work, circumstances outside of their control can force bankruptcy or other financial issues. When a builder files bankruptcy, you may no longer be covered. A 2-10 Home Builders Warranty guarantees that if an unforeseen structural issue occurs, both the builder and the homebuyer are covered for qualified claims for a period of 10 years.

What does a builder warranty cover on new construction?

A home builder warranty covers new construction workmanship, distribution systems and structural defects for up to 10 years.

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