10 Tips for Taking Real Estate Photos


10 Tips for Taking Real Estate Listing photos on your phone

Great images can have a huge effect on the time it takes to sell a home. Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive camera to capture a property’s unique beauty. To make sure your photos are up to par, learn some professional tips for effective real estate photography.

  1. Take wide-angle pictures. This is the best way to create a sense of depth and emphasize space. Avoid vertical photography in most situations.
  2. Remove clutter. Disorder shows up twice as much in photos. Eliminate the current owner’s personal touches to make things look as neat as possible.
  3. Emphasize natural light and space. Space and natural light are important to prospective buyers. Compose your photos to emphasize both.
  4. Take your time. Your images will reflect your commitment. Be prepared to dedicate a few hours for your property photo shoot.
  5. Emphasize the top feature in every room. Identify each room’s top selling point and center everything on this feature.
  6. Prepare each room. Take the time to clean and organize every room. Thorough preparation creates flawless photo shoots.
  7. Add a touch of color. Bring your photos to life by adding vibrant pillows, flowers or colorful artwork in strategic places. Be conservative, placing only one or two pieces.
  8. Take exterior shots at dusk. This can yield dramatic photos that give life to even the most ordinary properties.
  9. Try different apps. Don’t just rely on your phone’s standard photo app, download several options and see if they yield better results.
  10. Turn off your flash. Flash photos make distant features appear dark. Use lamps or home lighting to augment bright, natural light.

Should I Edit My Photos?

There are a bevy of smartphone apps with all sorts of photo manipulation features. It can be tempting for agents to utilize these apps to enhance lackluster pictures. In most cases, this is a mistake. Many times, the enhancements are too obvious. They can also create unrealistic expectations on the part of buyers.

With that said, you should take some time to adjust the exposure and clarity of your photos. Try to eliminate overwhelming shadows and correct images that look washed out. Remember to take a conservative approach. Ultimately, if your pictures require significant editing, it might be better to conduct a fresh photo shoot at a different time of day.

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