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How to Motivate your Real Estate Team During the Slow Home Selling Season

During the winter season, home sales start to decline due to weather and the holiday season. While your real estate agents have kept busy during the spring and summer selling season, motivation can decrease during winter. As a broker, how do you keep your team’s motivation up during a slow period? Challenge them to ramp up their marketing efforts and tackle administrative tasks that may have slipped by during the busy season.

Here is a list of suggestions you can provide your agents to drive business:

  1. Start a blog. Reflect back on all the do’s and don’ts you learned this past season and turn them into blog posts.
  2. Gather customer testimonials. Tis’ the season of giving! Ask your clients to share their experience buying or selling a home with you.
  3. Send a note. There’s something to be said about taking the time to sit down and write a personal note. In today’s technical world, it’s easy to send an email within seconds. However, the thought behind a hand-written note can go so much further.
  4. Think differently. If it is your slow season, it is probably someone else’s busy season. Brainstorm other local businesses that compliment your business that you could partner with.

Using these tips, your real estate team will stay busy during the slow season and be prepared for a thriving spring and summer selling season. Happy planning!