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Thrive in 2015: Create a Vision Board

Vision Board

The dawn of a new year brings about so many goals and ideas we want to pursue. While an exciting time, it can be overwhelming and hard to stay focused on priorities. Try creating a vision board where you can map out your dreams for the year ahead.

Here’s what you’ll need: Scissors, magazines, photos, glue, markers/crayons and a cork/card board.

  1. First, write down a list of goals you envision for your home, family, career, school, health or wealth.
  2. Cut out pictures that match the goals you wrote down on your paper. Paste them in order of importance on your vision board. You may also draw pictures or write phrases on your board such as “Be Happy”.
  3. Once you have completed putting your goals on your board, place it in a spot where you can easily view it. Spend a few minutes each day looking at your board as a reminder of your goals. Try closing your eyes and visualize yourself obtaining them.