4 High-End Appliances for Luxury Home Buyers

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If your buyers expect top-notch appliances in their homes, this quick list is bound to give you some ideas for your next build.

Most of a home’s major appliances live in the kitchen, so it’s an area you’ll want to focus on when appealing to these buyers. Here are some of 2017’s most sought-after luxury appliances that you can include in your next high-end home.

1. Modular cooktops

For serious cooks with a high-end budget, you can’t beat modular cooktops. Traditional stoves come with a predetermined number of burners. You also have to choose between gas or electric. Not with modular cooktops, though.

Modular cooktops are already popular in Europe and they’re gaining popularity here. They allow you to mix and match cooking surfaces to create a customized cooking experience. Reviewed.com summarizes it best when describing cooktops from Miele: “Miele’s new SmartLine cooktops offer your choice of wok burner, indoor griddle, or teppanyaki grill in addition to the usual gas and induction burners. That way, you can get the speed of induction and the feedback of gas, plus the taste of an indoor grill.”

Your buyers can even swap out different cooking surfaces as needed.

2. Smart appliances

Technology is making moves, even inside kitchens. Smart appliances can transform a home, making everyday tasks easier while looking sleek and modern. Certain smart refrigerators can even tell the homeowner when food will expire, and these types of appliances are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

There’s no shortage of options to choose from, either. Refrigerators and ovens are the main smart appliances to seek out.

3. Steam ovens

Steam ovens are sometimes described as the most versatile ovens ever manufactured, and they’re another high-end appliance that luxury homebuyers appreciate. Homeowners can cook with steam only, convection only, or a combination of the two.

There are a number of manufacturers selling steam ovens, including Wolf. Their website states, “It’s almost supernatural, the way the Wolf convection steam oven works.”

They might be right, too. Their oven has technology that senses the amount and size of the food, then “automatically adjusts all the details of cooking.” One example they offer is filo-wrapped ice cream — a dessert that’s hot and crispy on the outside, but still frozen on the inside.

4. Commercial-grade appliances

You can’t go wrong with commercial-grade appliances. As for which manufacturer to choose, there are a variety available from the U.S. and abroad.

Sub-Zero’s professional-level products have a well-earned reputation in the kitchen appliance world. La Cornue is a French brand offering beautiful custom ranges, and Miele is another quality option with excellent ratings.

Where luxury homes are concerned, quality always trumps trends. When you opt for timeless-looking appliances with modern functionality you can’t go wrong.


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