How Home Builders Create Competitive Advantages With 2-10

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Creating competitive advantages is how builders stand out and pursue more success over their competition. In the spirit of National Homeownership Month, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10) is working with home builders to create competitive advantages in both traditional and new ways. Here’s how.

Traditional Support: Industry-Leading New Home Warranty Program

The expectations homeowners have for their new homes continue to rocket higher every day. High quality, clear performance standards, and post-closing support could be what separate successful builders from the rest.

To address these expectations, more builders have trusted 2-10 and our industry-leading New Home Warranty Program more than any other third-party warranty administrator. Currently, 1 in 5 new homes in the US is enrolled in the 2-10 New Home Warranty Program.

When builders enroll their homes in the 2-10 New Home Warranty Program, they’re differentiating themselves by showing potential buyers their dedication to quality, offering clear performance standards, and providing post-closing solutions to unexpected issues.

New Support: 2-10 NewHome Care℠

Managing post-closing expectations is challenging for many home builders. A big reason why is because, according to 2-10’s research, new homes have an average of 10 post-closing items of concern.

To help builders more effectively address these challenges, 2-10 has introduced 2-10 NewHome Care, the newest evolution of 2-10’s post-closing warranty management solution.

2-10 NewHome Care will be the successor to 2-10’s popular Front Line Warranty Service. In addition to the excellent post-closing support that 2-10 Builder Members could access through Front Line Warranty Service, 2-10 NewHome Care will include additional tools to help builders provide exceptional post-closing experiences, such as:

  • Mobile-Friendly Request Intake that allows homeowners to effortlessly submit requestswith easy photo uploads
  • Customizable Workflows that process homeowner requests in ways that work for you
  • Contractor Assignment to designate contractors, whether internal or external
  • Convenient Scheduling where contractors handle the scheduling so you can focus on building
  • End-to-End Communication for assignments, tasks, appointments, confirmations, reminders, completion notifications, and more
  • Robust Reporting spanning trending defects, operational statistics, processing times, and task aging
  • Tailorable Dashboards & User Views so all parties always know who’s doing what, where, and when

To get a personalized walk-through of this astounding new solution, email [email protected].

You Build it, We'll back you up.

Learn why 1 in 5 new homes nationwide are covered by a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty.

Traditional Support: New Home Warranty Booklet

For more than 40 years, builders have trusted the 2-10 New Home Warranty Booklet to protect their profits, promote their quality, and plan for a successful future by controlling what’s behind them. To further support these needs, 2-10 released updated Warranty Booklets in Fall of 2023.

The enhanced 2-10 New Home Warranty Booklet offers three huge benefits to builders, buyers, and homeowners:

  1. Improved Experiences for Builders & Homeowners: 2-10 is dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure that coverage and processes are as easy to understand as possible. This could create better expectations, which could create even better customer experiences.
  2. New Design for Better Experiences: The 2-10 New Home Warranty Booklet is designed using builder feedback to be easier to use, with the aim of creating better experiences for you, your prospective buyers, and homeowners.
  3. Enhanced Maintenance Section: Homeowners can take pride and have confidence in maintaining their homes, and increase their knowledge and awareness of their responsibilities as homeowners.

See all the outstanding things you can access as a 2-10 Builder Member via the 2-10 New Home Warranty Booklet.

New Support: 2-10 Home Maintenance Guide

We’ve learned that builders have an increasing need for a way to improve the expectations builders and homeowners have and clarify their responsibilities. To fulfill this need, we created the 2-10 Home Maintenance Guide, which you and your homeowners can leverage to take full advantage of the 2-10 New Home Warranty Booklet.

From Quick Guides that help homeowners do the most important maintenance to detailed guides and checklists, the 2-10 Home Maintenance Guide helps you and your homeowners stay on the same track toward happy homeownership and exceptional experiences, which could bolster your reputation and increase referrals.

After all, clients tend to refer others to the businesses they have good experiences with. Check out the 2-10 Home Maintenance Guide to see how 2-10 goes the extra mile to support you.

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Celebrate National Homeownership Month With 2-10

2-10 never stops innovating to support builders in protecting their profits, promoting their quality, and planning for a successful future. During National Homeownership Month and beyond, you can count on 2-10 to Do the Right Thing to provide the strategies, solutions, and service you need to succeed.

You Build it, We'll back you up.

Learn why 1 in 5 new homes nationwide are covered by a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty.

You Build it, We'll back you up.

Learn why 1 in 5 new homes nationwide are covered by a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty.