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Top Real Estate Design Trends for 2019

Evolving economic issues, demographics and land shortages have all contributed to buyer preferences this coming year. From health concerns about building materials to surprising color choices, here are five home design trends for 2019.

Affordable micro-homes. Skyrocketing home prices and a shortage of prime downtown locations have led to an increasing acceptance of the micro-house trend. These homes typically range from 500 to 1,000 square feet in size and are constructed to meet community codes for permanent housing. Unlike rental apartments, micro-houses offer equity, which makes them more desirable to younger buyers who are having trouble finding starter homes. They are typically townhouses or single-family one-story designs. These homes allow for more dense land planning and profitable outcomes for builders, especially if the properties are located in desirable downtown hotspots. For this reason, you can expect to see more examples of micro-homes in the market in 2019.

Resilient, sustainable homes. Concerned about the increasing likelihood of natural disasters, modern buyers are prioritizing resilient solutions for new homes. These include landscaping features that combat heavy rains, along with oversized gutters and downspouts, which channel water away from a home’s foundation. Many buyers are also looking for rooftop water and ice shields that protect the interiors of homes. Coastal buyers have taken a strong interest in hurricane straps where walls and roofs intersect to minimize potential wind damage. Buyers are also interested in sustainable features that conserve resources and limit carbon usage in the built environment. This includes more all-electric systems, including mini-split HVAC systems, induction cooktops and heat pump style water heaters.

Practicality. To lure in more reticent millennial buyers, builders are forgoing luxury enhancements in favor of more practical features. For younger generations who grew up during the economic downturn, it’s less about status and more about how they live. Millennial buyers are less interested in how rare something is and more interested in whether it provides the right experience. For instance, a millennial buyer is more likely to prefer luxury vinyl planks as opposed to more expensive real wood boards.

Warmer colors. Depending on the age and style of a home, the right colors can make rooms feel fresher. For years, gray had been a staple for interior design plans. These days, buyers are more drawn to white and off-white designs that create a calm, neutral, background. However, bold colors are becoming popular in the kitchen, where buyers are more apt to embrace cabinetry painted in sage, teal and olive tones. Whatever the case, agents should warn sellers to be cautious and choose lighter colors that convey a breezy, easy-to-decorate vibe and appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Healthy homes. The internet has helped create savvier buyers who have been bombarded with stories about contaminated water, airborne particulates and toxic chemicals from laminate flooring. Rather than flinching at the prospect of paying more to fulfill the desire for healthier homes, more and more sellers are differentiating their homes by making them healthier. From water purification systems and circadian lighting to air filtration and comfort-focused technologies, modern features can be used to set properties apart from similar inventory. By staying abreast of healthy home trends, real estate agents can better advise sellers to help entice prospective buyers who are willing to pay extra for healthier houses.

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