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Request Service or Check Status

Requesting service or checking on status of your service request can easily be done by just logging into HOMEOWNER ACCOUNT or calling customer service 720.531.6717

Register Account

You can also view, register, or download your service agreement coverage plan by logging into HOMEOWNER ACCOUNT

Renew Coverage

Renew your service agreement via HOMEOWNER ACCOUNT or by calling the renewal team 800.743.4210

Front Line Warranty Service Request or Check Status

Request warranty service via HOMEOWNER ACCOUNT

New Customers

Purchase a Home Warranty

GET A QUOTE on an existing home or call homeowner sales 855.210.4295

Real Estate Pros

Find Your Local Real Estate Warranty Representative

Agents and brokers – our team will help you get more referrals and explain the value of placing a service agreement on a home during a real

Enroll Seller or Buyer Coverage

Enrolling a Home Warranty Service Agreement through buying or selling can be easily done via AGENT PORTAL or you can call Agent Services

Add Options to a Service Agreement

Adding options to a service agreement can be done within the first 30 days by calling Agent Services at 800.795.9595

Selling New Construction?

If you are selling new construction homes, make sure the builder is a 2-10 HBW builder member or SUGGEST A BUILDER

Know a Service Contractor?

2-10 HBW is expanding its service network RECOMMEND A SERVICE CONTRACTOR.


New Builders

Find Your Local Builder Warranty Representative

Builders – our team of experts is ready to support your needs in home building, home warranty, engineering, soils and risk management.

Become a Member to Enroll Homes

Before you can enroll a Structural Warranty, you must first be a 2-10 HBW builder. APPLY ONLINE or call 877.777.1344

Information about Structural Warranty Coverage

Learn about what a STRUCTURAL WARRANTY covers.

Existing 2-10 HBW Builder Members

How to Enroll Homes

Enrolling the homes that you build can be done via BUILDER PORTAL or by calling Builder Member Services 800.488.8844

Check Status of Reported Defect or Structural Claim

To check on the status of a reported defect or claim call 855.429.2109

Front Line Warranty Service Requests

Check on the status of a reported warranty item, provide status updates or dispatch the repairs via BUILDER PORTAL or
call FLWS 800.811.8787

Renew Membership

Renew your membership via BUILDER PORTAL or call 800.488.8844

Add Systems and Appliances Coverage for a Homeowner

Providing extended coverage on systems and appliances for a homeowner can be done by calling 800.743.4210

Service Contractors

Become a 2-10 HBW Service Contractor

Join the 2-10 HBW service network by filling out our SERVICE CONTRACTOR FORM

How to Use Contractor Online

For more information on how to use Contractor Online, please DOWNLOAD THE CONTRACTOR ONLINE USER MANUAL

Billing and Payment Information

To access billing and payment information, sign into CONTRACTOR ONLINE or call 720.747.7092


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Home Warranty Reviews

We value customer feedback and strive to resolve all complaints. We participate in the Complaint Resolution Program hosted by where you can provide feedback. You can also read other customer reviews here

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