5 Scents That Help Sell a House

– iStock 616898014 – 5 Scents That Help Sell a House

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– iStock 616898014 – 5 Scents That Help Sell a House

The art of the sale can be complex. You’ve probably spent time thinking about how to stage a listing from the inside out, but have you considered which scents will be most appealing to potential buyers?

Skip baking cookies and go for clean, simple fragrance

Don’t pop that tray of cookies in the oven just yet. Research — actual academic research — found cookies aren’t the way to whet buyers’ appetites for your home. Instead, the study — conducted by researchers at Washington State University and Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen — found sticking to simple scents is the best way to boost the sale and possibly the sale price.

The research, which focused on Swiss shoppers, found those who were exposed to a simple orange scent spent more than their counterparts who smelled an orange-basil blend or no scent at all. Eric Spangenberg, former dean of the Washington State University College of Business who led the study, said simple scents allow people to focus on shopping — or in this case all they love about your home — rather than trying to determine the components of a complex scent. For example, their minds will wander to “Are those cookies in the oven chocolate chip or sugar?” when you want them to be absorbed in “I love these walk-in closets and this open floor plan.”

The WSU study didn’t delve into which scents are best, but others experts have come up with a shortlist of five that are a home seller’s best bet.

Terry Molnar, executive director of New York–based The Sense of Smell Institute, told Realtor Mag that “sensory research shows the smell of a home can affect a person’s mood.”

“A light floral fragrance can put people in a more pleasant mood, while citrus scents, such as lemon and grapefruit, tend to have an energizing effect,” the post states.

“Vanilla is one scent that’s universal around the globe,” Molnar told Realtor Mag. “People find it comforting and relaxing.”

What other scents should you consider? Here are five experts agree on:

1. How sweet it is

Those who were sad to hear fresh-baked cookies aren’t your best choice take heart, you can mimic that sweet, tasty scent by using vanilla. The comforting scent is an excellent way to make a room feel cozy.

2. Think citrus

Citrus scents, such as lemon or orange, are fresh, fragrant and long-lasting.

3. Herbal remedy

Aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and basil, are familiar and refreshing, as well as welcoming, especially in the kitchen.

4. Tea time

Another fresh, clean scent that is particularly inviting is green tea. Crisp and lively, the scent is great for instilling a sense of harmony.

5. Wonderful woods

Fragrant trees, such as pine and cedar, evoke a sense of warmth on a winter day or a memory of holidays.

Look for these scents in candles, diffusers, heated oil plug-ins or in simmer pots to infuse your house with fragrance and fill potential buyers’ hearts with a great desire to call it home.


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