5 Steps to Creating Authentic Content for Clients

5 Steps to Creating Authentic Content

In our last article, we laid the groundwork for how to create authentic content for prospects and clients. This included the most important question you must answer before creating content. In addition, we discussed the three Cs of authentic content. Now, let’s look at five steps you can follow as you create authentic content.

Be Open and Honest

Set expectations for your audience about what they’re about to consume. Doing this helps your audience prepare for what you’re showing them. It also gives them a chance to bail out if they aren’t interested in the topic (which gives you information about interest in that topic). While that might seem counterintuitive, it’s a subtle way to build trust, because you aren’t wasting their time or failing to deliver on what you promised.

Be Transparent

One of the biggest mistakes content creators make is focusing only on the sale. Even if prospects are looking to work with you, they likely don’t want to be sold. Instead, consider your content as a proof of concept that shows prospects the value you provide. Tell stories instead of pushing sales language, and always focus on achieving the client or prospect’s goals.

Be Relatable

Generally, Buyers and Sellers want an expert partner in the process. That means that while they’ll take your advice, they still want a say in the process. To be relatable, make sure that you’re speaking to your audience about things they care about with authority. This may require you to research your audience more deeply to build your credibility on a given topic.

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Use Your Voice

As you create authentic content, you’ll want to use your own voice. Though it’s good to follow certain best practices, you don’t necessarily want to write content that’s just like everyone else’s. Find what makes your voice or perspective different or more compelling, and use that to stand out. If you try to create content that’s in someone else’s voice, it’ll come off as inauthentic.

Be Consistent and Easy to Access

If you’re creating authentic content, your prospects and clients will want more. So, make it as easy as possible to find it and connect to you through it. A great way to do that is to be consistent in creating authentic content. Whether you’re releasing content weekly, biweekly, or monthly, stick to a schedule. That helps people find and consume it more easily than an inconsistent, scattershot schedule.


Creating authentic content is the best way to build trust among clients and prospects. When people trust you, they’re more likely to work with you, which helps you achieve your sales goals.

As you create authentic content, remember that the most important question to answer is “Why should I (the consumer) care?” Once you’ve established that, following the three Cs of authentic communication will help lay the groundwork for your content. Finally, using the five-step process for creating authentic content will guide how you present your ideas to your audience.

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