8 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Unexpectedly Wow Homebuyers

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In today’s competitive real estate market, it can be difficult for agents to attract buyer attention without spending a lot of money. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive techniques you can use to highlight a home’s most compelling features. Here are eight ways to elevate interest and drive more sales for your real estate business.

  1. Stress energy efficiency. The average homeowner spends about $2,000 a year on energy bills. If a home includes energy-efficient elements, showcase them to prospective buyers. You should also consider providing buyers with an energy audit that will show just how much cash they can save.
  2. Know what buyers want. Did you know that 94 percent of homebuyers want Energy-Star rated products in their homes? Are you aware of the most common aspects that turn buyers away? If you don’t know what your clients want and don’t want, you will have trouble determining what to showcase and what to gloss over. The National Association of Home Builders offers valuable information that can give you insight into the minds of modern buyers. Study this resource and put a home’s best foot forward.
  3. Clear the windows. Light is a crucial element that piques buyer interest. Even if the curtains and shades look especially elegant, open them all the way. If blinds are left down even slightly, they can reduce light by as much as 50 percent. Clear your windows and take some time to ensure that the glass is sparkling clean.
  4. Whiten the bathroom. In the hospitality industry, hotels use white items to evoke a sense of cleanliness. This same strategy can have a big influence on potential homebuyers. Do your best to white-out the bathrooms. If you can’t replace cabinets or countertops, add white towels, shower curtains, bath mats and a soap dish.
  5. Swap out kitchen fixtures. Instead of painting a kitchen or replacing countertops, update the fixtures with modern, stylish upgrades. You can find attractive modern light fixtures, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls at Home Depot, and the cost will be much less than you think. You might also investigate which styles are hottest in the current market, whether it’s polished brass, brushed nickel or something else entirely.
  6. Add some mirrors. Take down wall art and put up large mirrors. You might think a painting looks amazing, but people’s taste in art can vary wildly. Mirrors are also a great way to maximize lighting and make smaller spaces look bigger. If the property has a nice, big backyard, you can even position a mirror to reflect this.
  7. Showcase wooden floors. Since hardwood floors attract significant buyer interest, you really shouldn’t be hiding them with rugs. Even if the rug adds an attractive pop of color, it will be doing much more harm than good. Find other ways to strategically infuse color and leave hardwood floors bare.
  8. Update lamp shades. Dusty old lampshades do nothing to raise buyer interest. Ditch these in favor of modern drum shades that release more light. You can find some clean, white, inexpensive shades at your local Target or Walmart.


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