Adding Community Pages to Your Real Estate Website

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Adding Community Pages to Your Real Estate Website

If you’re an expert on everything there is to know about living in a certain community or local area, this information should go on your real estate website. Here’s why community pages are a great addition to your site from a search engine optimization, or SEO, perspective and beyond.

Counting the Benefits

When trying to stand out to local buyers, every little bit helps. Creating local community pages on your website provides an opportunity to differentiate yourself as a real estate agent. Although it can take some work to create informative and useful resources, community pages offer a number of advantages, including:

They position you as a local expert. Because real estate transactions are a big deal for almost everyone, most value input from an expert. Well-crafted community pages show that you are very knowledgeable about the areas in which you operate. This can make a potential client, especially one who is targeting a specific area, feel more comfortable and confident in seeking your services.

They increase connections. Modern buyers search online before they do anything else. If they happen upon one of your community pages and determine that you know a lot about the area, they may contact you for more information. Even if they don’t ultimately hire you, if your online information is useful, they may tell friends and family about your community page.

They boost online visibility. These days, Google and other search engines reward useful and informative websites with higher rankings. In addition to being filled with relevant, localized keywords, your community page should be packed with useful content. If it is, it’s likely to attract inbound links, which will drive your real estate website higher in the search engine results pages.

They make you a better agent. Take a step back and ask yourself how much you really know about the communities in which you operate. Are you confident in your ability to answer pointed questions from clients without having to get back to them later? Because an effective community page requires accurate, informative content, you will be forced to do your research. This will empower you with relevant knowledge to impress potential clients in person-to-person interactions, which are ultimately the most important part of the real estate business.

What Should Be in a Community Page?

When trying to decide between communities, homebuyers will typically ask themselves a number of questions depending on their distinct priorities, including:

  • Does the community have a good school system?
  • Is there public transportation?
  • What are the city’s demographics and crime rate?
  • Are houses in the community appreciating in value?
  • Is the highway easily accessible?

When creating your community page, you should provide answers to these types of questions, while trying to anticipate any other inquiries that might lead someone to visit your community page. It can take research and thought, especially if you do it right, but the rewards can be considerable if you work hard to create a comprehensive resource with accurate, reliable information.


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