Benefits to Building in the Fall

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The leaves are turning and the chill in the air is forcing you to close a few windows, but that doesn’t mean the window is closing on your next build opportunity.

Building during the fall has some benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’d like to break ground on your next build during autumn, keep reading to learn more about some of the reasons fall can be a great time to build.

Materials could cost less

There is less demand for construction materials as the weather turns cooler, which means prices could be substantially less. A podcast/web post, Build Your House Yourself University, a resource for DIYers, says materials could be as much as 50 percent less expensive. As a professional, those savings might run even deeper since you may have more than one home under construction and can buy in larger quantities.

Labor could cost less

Just as materials are less in demand when the temperature dips, competition for skilled laborers and craftsmen can drop with the mercury. The same goes for quality subcontractors, who likely will have more available time for jobs in the fall than in the height of building season during summer months. Just remember fall brings shorter days and fewer hours of daylight, so the timeline might not be as condensed as a build undertaken in the summer.

Cooler days can heat up productivity

With the blazing days of summer behind you, a full day on the job site might not be as daunting. Cooler, milder temperatures mean you and your crew won’t be sapped by the heat and sun and can get more done in those shorter daylight hours.

Great time to get in the ground

Nearly 50-year-old Minnesota builder Kootenia Homes and Remodeling touts fall’s cool, dry weather as a great time to build because the soil also is dry, making it the perfect time to dig, fill and excavate.

Best worse weather

Fall does pose the risk of weather, but unlike spring when rain showers can halt work for a day or longer, fall snow doesn’t prevent work from continuing. Snow also is easier to keep outside, so the elements won’t ruin or derail any interior work.

Quicker permitting

Just as labor and materials are in higher demand in the spring and summer months, so, too, are the services of local governmental agencies that issue all the needed permits for your projects. In the fall, those offices are less busy, which means you are likely to get the approval you need to proceed much more quickly.

More accurate timelines

All of the above factors, more readily available supplies, labor and subcontractors, weather better suited to greater productivity and getting your permits faster, mean you are better able to stick to a projected timeline and meet your deadlines.

Ready to sell at the right time

Perhaps the biggest upside to building in the fall is your completion date. Your new homes will be ready for sale just when the real estate season heats up in spring and summer.


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