Black Stainless Steel: Do Your Buyers Want It?

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There are a variety of appliance finishes available on the market. Many homeowners swear by stainless steel, others prefer standard black and white. Some will even opt for wood paneling to match their cabinets. But, there’s another option that’s less well-known: black stainless steel.

Black stainless steel is one of the newer appliance finishes available on the market, but will your buyers love it or loathe it? If the homes you build include appliances, here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to incorporate this unique look into your final builds.

Benefits of black stainless steel

Aesthetics aside, there are some definite benefits to black stainless steel appliances. Namely, these surfaces are easy to clean while being resistant to everyday smudges from hands and fingers. This feature alone can be attractive to consumers — kitchens can get dirty quickly and anything that keeps things looking cleaner is a nice bonus.

Black stainless steel is also truly stainless. Black oxide is added to stainless steel to create the blackened shade, and it also protects against mild corrosion and abrasion. This feature is also useful for those aforementioned fingerprint smudges — the oils in our hands can permanently damage some finishes.

Will black stainless work in your builds?

When making a decision about black stainless steel it’s important to consider the preferences of your buyers. If your buyers are the ones choosing the appliances your job is easy — simply offer them the option or let them know that black stainless is available.

If you’re making the final decision, here are some considerations:

  • In humid areas, the rust-resistance of black stainless is a benefit.
  • Remember that trends come and go, so don’t get too attached to one type of finish or a single style. You may love the look of black stainless, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for the homes you’re building.
  • Read a variety of reviews for all appliances you’re thinking about purchasing. Some companies have more robust products than others. You can learn more about the best sources for appliance reviews here.

At the end of the day, black stainless steel will be a great choice for some homes and a poor choice for others. It seems to work best in modern, updated kitchens and in kitchens with an industrial look to them. Do your research, look at some floor models, and then make your decision about this unique home appliance finish.


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