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How to Create a Compelling Pre-listing Package

A compelling pre-listing package is an essential marketing piece for any real estate professional who wants to stand out from the competition. Here are some things you should include in your package to educate and inspire new clients and set yourself apart from other agents.

About Me: Kick things off with a brief introduction that lays out your mission statement, personal values and experience in real estate. It’s best to keep things professional, but you can add some personal details if you think it will make you more memorable and relatable.

Local Metrics: You should use statistics about the local market to educate the seller and demonstrate your depth of knowledge about their home. You can also use metrics to back up your professional opinions and set yourself apart from competing real estate professionals who don’t do the same.

Testimonials: You should highlight your real estate experience to make the prospective client feel more comfortable and confident selecting you to represent their interests. Include testimonials from previous clients, along with any specific noteworthy accomplishments that might elevate you in the eyes of the seller. If you don’t have a lot of testimonials to utilize, here are a few tips on collecting more.

Plan of Action: In addition to demonstrating your abilities and experience, you want to let the client know what to expect. Avoid all the boring, in-depth details of the house selling process and focus more on providing a concise, easy-to-follow guide that will give the seller understanding and confidence in the process.

Unique Approach: During consultations, clients are interested in things that set one agent apart from all the others. It’s important to clearly outline your personal marketing strategy, along with any unique strategies you bring to the table. Take the opportunity to provide examples of how you used a creative strategy to sell a particular property in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions: If you are an experienced agent, you can probably anticipate the most common questions sellers have. Anticipate their needs by including a FAQ document in your pre-listing package with information about how long the process typically takes, what repairs they might consider for their property and any other frequently asked questions about the selling process.

Visuals: Large blocks of technical jargon is likely to turn off prospective clients. Instead, incorporate professional images, charts and infographics to add compelling elements to educate, engage and inspire with your pre-listing package.

Contact Information: It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to provide comprehensive contact information. Don’t limit yourself to an email address and phone number – also include your office address and hours, along with any business-related social media pages. This information should be featured prominently in a simple, easy to read font.

Professional Portrait: Your package will be a lot more engaging if you include pictures of yourself. That said, clients can tell the difference between an amateur snapshot taken quickly with a smartphone and a professional portrait. Spend the time and money to connect with a local photographer who specializes in professional portraits. You may have to pay a couple hundred dollars, but the expense is an investment in your future and appearing successful and reputable in the eyes of clients.

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