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Out With The Mold And In With The New

Shower curtain

February can be a wet month, whether rain or snow, it can mean leaks and mold that are just around the corner. Here are some easy things you can do around your house to keep the mold at bay.

Change the shower curtain. Swapping out your shower curtain can help eliminate unhealthy mold and mildew that contribute to mold problems in the shower and tub. When you’re done bathing, be mindful of opening and airing out the shower.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned and vacuum regularly. Don’t give mold the fighting chance, by cleaning and vacuuming regularly you can remove sources of food that are likely to come in contact with moisture.

Open your windows. Give mold an exit, reduce trapped moisture by opening up the windows.

Turn up the heat! If you’re noticing condensation occurring in our home, bring those rooms to a warmer temperature so the water vapor in the air doesn’t cool and change into its liquid state.