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Four Reasons Home Warranty Service Agreements Can Sell Your Home

Home Warranty Service Agreements are valuable throughout the entire ownership of your home, from the day you purchase to the future day when you sell. After you’ve used your Home Warranty Service Agreement as the homeowner, a Service Agreement can be attractive to your future buyer.

This fact can be proven in a variety of ways, but the broadest reason that buyers value Home Warranty Service Agreements is that they want to know that their single largest investment will be protected if a major system or appliance were to break down or fail. As a current homeowner and future home seller, you can easily provide this peace of mind by offering a Service Agreement to buyers.

The value of the Home Warranty Service Agreement to buyers can be broken down even more. Read the four ways a Home Warranty Service Agreement can help you sell your home faster.

1. Homes with a Home Warranty Service Agreement 11 Days Faster

The Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) did some research and found that homes protected by Service Agreements sell, on average, 11 days faster than those without coverage.

2. Homes with a Home Warranty Command Higher Asking Prices

The same SCIC study also found that homes covered by a Service Agreement sell for $2,300 more, on average.

3. Home Warranty Service Agreements Give Home Buyers Peace of Mind

Why do homes with Service Agreement sell faster and for more money? Because the extra protection provides buyers valuable peace of mind. This is especially important for first time home buyers, who are likely overwhelmed by the prospect of owning something so valuable.

4. In a Buyer’s Market, it’s Almost Expected

If you’re selling your home in a region where buyers have the upper hand, a Home Warranty Service Agreement is all but expected. Because many sellers will sell their homes with this protection in place, a house that isn’t offering a Home Warranty Service Agreement stands out on the market.

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