Front Line Warranty Service: Customer Management Builders Need

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Protecting your bottom line is important to your success. So are efficiency, effectiveness, and quality customer relations. You can enhance each of these elements when you leverage the advantages of the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10) Front Line Warranty Service.

Why Top Builders Choose 2-10 Front Line Warranty Service

Home builders already know 2-10 as the industry-leading structural warranty administrator in the United States, covering 1 in 5 new homes in the US. It’s why so many choose and trust 2-10 to protect every home they build.

But even with written documents that outline performance standards, many homeowners may still want to talk to a person when they have questions.

In fact, not having someone to talk to can harm both your clients’ experiences and your company in the long term.

With the 2-10 Front Line Warranty Service, you can tap the industry expert to handle one of the biggest pain points your clients could experience: insufficient customer support.

And 2-10 goes even farther to serve you. Your benefits include an online platform to view and manage service requests, a repository to store all requests, and reporting to help you make more informed decisions on the components and labor you use.

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How Front Line Works

When you enhance your 2-10 Structural Warranty with Front Line Warranty Service, you can vastly reduce the number of homeowner callbacks you receive.

With Front Line, 2-10 becomes the first point of contact for all homeowner warranty questions. Our Front Line Warranty Team manages requests; applies performance standards; and communicates between the warranty team, construction team, and homeowner.

You can also more efficiently place, dispatch, track, manage, and catalog warranty requests.

That means you can offer outstanding customer support that makes your clients raving fans about your service.

Offer Outstanding Post-Closing Support

With 2-10's Front Line Warranty Service

How Front Line Reduces Less Obvious Costs

Many American companies, including builders, have had to make difficult decisions regarding their workforces. In many cases, this has meant reducing the number of people who work on the front lines, such as customer service representatives. Without a team to field customer concerns, companies can face bottlenecks that cost them time, money, and reputational strength.

This is a tough challenge by itself. But it gets tougher when you consider how many callbacks can occur and how much each callback can cost.

For example, over the last year, 2-10 has taken over 45,000 homeowner callbacks on behalf of our Builder Members. When you can provide efficient service despite high volumes, it shows clients how dedicated you are to improving their experience of home ownership.

Plus, there’s a reputational aspect at play. When you provide quality customer experiences, it improves your reputation. And people make big decisions based on a company’s reputation.

With 2-10 HBW’s Front Line Warranty Team, you can help provide a high-quality customer experience when your clients need it most—when they have big questions about the biggest investment they’ll likely ever make.

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Take Advantage of the 2-10’s Front Line Warranty Service

When you choose 2-10 , you’re getting the industry-leading structural warranty administrator’s guidance and expertise at your fingertips.

With Front Line Warranty Service, 2-10 helps take one of the biggest pain points—scaling high-quality customer service—off your plate.

Even better, builders love how Front Line benefits their businesses.

I started working with Silvermark Construction Services, specializing in Luxury Homes, this year and 2-10 HBW Front Line Service has tremendously helped me and the company alleviate warrantable issues.

They are always ready to answer my questions and concerns, which has helped me so much! There is something about the approach they take with the builder and the homeowners that help us organize and effectively answer homeowners. All the 2-10 HBW Representatives that I have spoken to have all been kind and accommodating to all situations we have come across. So far the best experience I have had working with a Warranty Company! –Faith Sendaydiego, Silvermark Construction Services

When you can provide the experience your customers need and expect without letting it monopolize your time, it gives you more opportunities for success.

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