Get Ready Now for the Busy Real Estate Season

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Summer is a busy time for real estate agents, and you might not be left with much extra time for business maintenance tasks. From making sure you have plenty of business cards to automating your social media posts, here are some tasks you should accomplish before things get too busy.

Get Social in a Smart Way

Social media is key to thriving as a real estate agent, but it can be time consuming crafting the right posts and posting them at the right time. Instead of spending valuable time during peak selling season, start working on those posts now and schedule them in advance with the help of an automation program such as HootSuite, which will allow you to schedule for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Other options for scheduling your posts include Buffer.com or TweetDeck.

More Advance Planning

Take advantage of the calendar feature on your smartphone or your email program (ie: Google Mail or Outlook) to plot important dates and events, and set reminders that will allow you to be ahead of them rather than playing catch up. That way you’ll never miss an anniversary, birthday or other special event or milestone.

And if you send out weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters, an email automation program such as MailChimp or Constant Contact will allow you to craft your messages in advance and schedule them to be delivered on schedule. Such programs also help you track open and click rates.

Rally Your Supporters

Before you get too busy, take a bit of time to touch base with satisfied customers and ask them to write/post reviews that will help draw in new customers. Google My Business, Yelp, or even Facebook, are great platforms for your fans to share their good experiences and spread the word about the superior service you provide.

Also reach out to those satisfied clients you hope to use as references, so you will have contact information at the ready for new prospective buyers and sellers.

Stock Up

Before you get busy, make sure you have ample signs, business cards and any other materials you need for day-to-day success.

Now is also a great time to create a “survival kit” of sorts to keep in your car. When selling season shifts into high gear, such a kit can help you make it through those days when there is no time to stop at the office between showings.

In addition to brochures, signs and business cards, some of the items to consider adding to your kit include:

  • A file folder box with a spot for everything.
  • Contracts
  • A tape measure for those moments when buyers are trying to assess if a space will work for them.
  • A tool kit.
  • A smart tablet, such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. This can make pulling up other listings clients might want to see, along with details about crime statistics, schools, taxes or other quality of life indicators in a given neighborhood, quick and convenient.
  • Mobile device chargers, not just for your phone or tablet, but for those clients who arrive at a showing straight from work and low on juice.
  • Shoe covers, just in case sellers want anyone who walks through their home to remove their shoes and buyers aren’t wild about the idea. Shoe covers can keep the home clean and holey socks hidden.
  • Snacks and bottled water to keep your energy up and to keep you hydrated. In addition, snacks and water can help when buyers have had just as busy a day as you or need to bring their kids to a showing. While you’re at it, throw a few dog treats in to make sure buyers’ four-legged companions that might be along for the ride are rewarded for their patience.
  • Coloring books and crayons. If buyers do need to bring their kids along, it’s always nice to have something on hand to entertain the youngsters.
  • Baby wipes. You never know when you’ll need to wipe something down or need to freshen up your hands. Baby wipes work great and are convenient to carry.


Plan Ahead and Evaluate What Works
The most important thing you can do before the season heats up is to plan for the eventual busy pace at which you will be working and take stock of the efforts that produce results and those that don’t. If you are spending time on something that is not generating a great return on the energy you invest, scratch it from your list and focus on those things from which you’ve seen good results.

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