How SB-800 Affects Builders

How California’s Right to Repair Act (SB-800) Affects Builders

California’s Right to Repair Act (SB-800) has been around since 2003. Builders and homeowners often have questions about how SB-800 affects them. Today, we’ll go through why SB-800 is important, how it affects builders, and what 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10) does to protect builders in light of SB-800.

Why SB-800 Matters to California Builders

In short, SB-800 codifies certain builder responsibilities regarding construction defects (time frames specifically) and provides a process for homeowners to make claims against builders related to such defects.

SB-800 sets standards for new construction, allowing builders the right to repair defects as a means of avoiding litigation, and provides builders with certain legal defenses. However, SB-800 is NOT a warranty. Instead, SB-800 defines the statute of limitations and procedures to address allegations of “construction defects.”

How SB-800 Affects Builders

SB-800 affects builders in many ways, but the following includes some of the highlights of the bill.

Tough time frames and unclear definitions

The problem is that SB-800 doesn’t really define specific terms. For instance, SB-800 notes that “Plumbing and sewer systems shall be installed to operate properly and shall not materially impair the use of the structure by its inhabitants.” However, it doesn’t define what operate properly or materially impair means. Given how important definitions are in the structural space, this vague language can be confusing and problematic

It’s important to note that SB-800’s primary focus is on the time frames in which homeowners can assert claims for construction defects, commonly called statutes of limitations. For example, SB-800 includes a 10-year statute of limitations for structural defects, which isn’t uncommon nationwide.

But it also includes a five-year statute on how paints and stains interact with building surfaces. In addition, it includes a slew of four-year statutes regarding plumbing/sewer systems, electrical systems, and walkways and driveways.

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Finicky fit and finish

SB-800 requires a one-year fit-and-finish warranty. But once again, SB-800 doesn’t clearly define what fit and finish means, nor does it define anything that falls under the fit-and-finish warranty. If builders and homeowners don’t have a similar set of standards to work with, it can lead to disputes and even litigation.

Untested arbitration

SB-800 requires builders to include an arbitration clause in their warranties. However, arbitration clauses can be as varied as the people who write them. So, it’s imperative for builders to know that their arbitration clause has been tested in court successfully.

What 2-10 Does to Protect Builders in Light of SB-800

SB-800 provides a bunch of rules to follow without precisely defining how to follow them. Fortunately, 2-10’s industry-leading warranty program helps address the problems stated above and more.

Offers clear definitions

First, 2-10’s warranty document clearly defines coverage, responsibilities, and terms like fit and finish. That helps establish common ground with homeowners so that everyone knows who’s responsible for what and when. Definitions are crucial for builders and their warranties, and 2-10 clearly states those definitions, which can overcome the vague language in the law itself.

Proven arbitration clauses

Second, 2-10’s arbitration clauses have been upheld in several court proceedings. That’s a huge benefit for builders by itself, because challenges to arbitration language can add unnecessary expenses and delays to resolving the actual dispute.

Outstanding dispute avoidance and resolution services

Third, SB-800’s dispute resolution process is extremely convoluted and difficult for builders. For instance, if you were to miss any deadlines under SB-800, the buyer can file a lawsuit against you. In addition to our proven arbitration clause, 2-10 offers dispute avoidance and resolution services for Builder Members. 2-10’s Warranty Administration team helps move disputes through education, de-escalation, conciliation, and if necessary, an experienced arbitration service.

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Enhanced maintenance manual

Fourth, SB-800 strongly recommends that you provide a Maintenance Manual to express buyer responsibility and limit exposure. 2-10 provides this, which means you don’t have to create it.

Third-party support

Finally, 2-10 is a third-party warranty administrator. That’s incredibly important because third-party warranties tend to stand up strongly in court. On the other hand, when builders provide their own warranty, courts may view it as too self-serving to the builder (e.g., Porter v. Toll Brothers). In addition, third-party validation means a lot to buyers.

2-10 Helps Builders Bound by SB-800

Following the law is obviously important, but SB-800 can sometimes be difficult for builders and buyers to interpret. With a 2-10 New Home Warranty, builders can set clear expectations for homeowners. You also get access to 2-10’s Dispute Avoidance and Resolution service, in addition to our proven arbitration clause.

Don’t risk falling prey to vague and overly general legal language. Enroll all your homes with 2-10 to protect yourself and your homeowners, and allow yourself to do what you do best—build quality homes.

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You Build it, We'll back you up.

Learn why 1 in 5 new homes nationwide are covered by a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty.