How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

– holiday house – How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is near. For many, that means making the home sparkle with lights and other festive decorations. Here are some do’s and don’ts as you decorate your home during the holiday season.

Do: Plan your decorations before you decorate

The best way to put your decorations up is to start with a plan. Here are a few things to consider before you start installing decorations.

  1. What’s your theme? Are you a traditionalist, modernist, or something else? This will help you determine the decorations you need to buy or create.
  2. Is it doable? Drawing out your plans will help you find any issues. For instance, you may want to decorate on your roof, but if you live in an HOA, they may not allow it.
  3. How do the decorations affect everyday life? Will a large decoration in the window block sunlight? Do rooftop or gutter decorations prevent proper water drainage?

Considering these questions can help you focus, budget, and avoid unintended consequences.

Don’t: Hurt yourself

Slipping off the roof might be funny in the movies, but you can seriously hurt yourself if you aren’t careful. Use these tips to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe:

  1. Always have a spotter when using a ladder. Climbing ladders can be dangerous in cold, icy winter conditions. Be sure to ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to spot you to avoid falls.
  2. Don’t just use any old extension cord. If you have decorations that require electricity outside, don’t just use any extension cord you have. Be sure to use an outdoor extension cord when outdoors to prevent wire fraying, which can cause fires or even kill you.
  3. Watch your light temperature. If you’re hanging lights, be sure they don’t get too hot. Avoid the temptation to use indoor bulbs outside, as these can shock people upon touch.

Do: Ask for help as you decorate

You don’t need to create a festive holiday scene alone. Asking for help can give you new ideas and provide backup for tougher decorations, like roof-top displays or gutter-hanging lights.

Additionally, if you ask your neighbors for help, it can help you avoid becoming too extravagant with your decorations. Not everyone likes to live near the Griswolds during the holidays!

Don’t: Expect perfection

The goal of holiday decoration is to have fun and be safe. If your decorations aren’t picture perfect, that’s OK. Just remember to take precautions and follow your plan as closely as possible.

Do: Consider a home warranty plan

As you decorate for the holidays, the last thing you’ll want is for a major system or appliance to break down from routine use.

Instead of just hoping nothing will go wrong, consider a Home Warranty Service Agreement from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW),

A home warranty plan can help you address routine breakdowns to things like your electrical system, furnace, and water heater. That could help you have money when something important breaks down, especially with the increased use the holiday season brings.

2-10 HBW offers the most comprehensive home warranty coverage for homeowners. Let us help you protect your home.

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