How to Use the Power of Video to Sell More Homes

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How to Use the Power of Video to Sell More Homes

Modern consumers are drawn to to stunning visuals and high-quality production. Thankfully, there’s no need to become a professional videographer to leverage in your real estate business. Here’s how you can create informative, engaging video marketing campaigns that will increase your customer pool and help you sell properties.

Why it’s Important

Many agents say they’re too busy to spend time creating video content for Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms. However, a growing number of real estate professionals are recognizing the powerful capability of online video content to gain a major competitive advantage in their individual markets.

If you don’t think video is an influential marketing tool, consider these compelling video marketing statistics:

  • Facebook reports that it receives eight billion video views every day.
  • By 2019, global consumer internet video traffic is expected to account for nearly 90% of all consumer internet traffic.
  • According to YouTube, mobile video consumption doubles annually.
  • Conversion rates jump by 80% when a video is included on a landing page.
  • Over 90% of mobile video consumers say they share compelling videos with others.
  • Businesses enjoy 41% more internet traffic when they use videos.
  • Nine in ten consumers say they rely on product videos to help them make purchasing decisions.
  • Facebook video posts have 135% greater organic reach compared to posts with only photos.
  • Email click-through rates increase by 200% – 300% when a video is included.
  • Nine in ten consumers say they recall video ads they saw in the past 30 days.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that video brings major potential to the world of real estate sales. To take advantage, however, real estate agents need to make compelling, informative videos that capture attention while educating prospective buyers.

Making it Work for Real Estate

When it comes to creating impactful videos, creativity is essential. Instead of posting a standard three-bedroom, two-bath overview ─ give viewers something personable and unique. When they choose a dentist, viewers aren’t interested in watching root canal videos. They want videos that give insight into an office and the people who work there.

Adopt this mentality by creating videos that provide a peek behind the curtain into your personality and what it might be like to live in a particular home and community. Showcase local restaurants, businesses, parks and schools. Ask the owner about any fun facts about a house, and then showcase this information in your video. If you consistently create distinctive, compelling videos, people will come back to your Instagram or Facebook page to see what you’re doing every day.

You can also create more compelling, engaging videos by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Keep your videos short and to the point
  • Make it personal, so it doesn’t feel too sales-y
  • Invest in a good microphone to ensure optimal sound quality
  • Caption your video with engaging, informative text
  • Be friendly, personable and authentic

Above all else, focus on publishing content that will hold attention. It doesn’t do any good to spend time and effort making a video if viewers lose interest within the first ten seconds. Be sure you lead with your strongest material to capture interest from the start. Instead of beginning at the door, begin your video somewhere exciting, such as the pool or another major selling point. This will help ensure that viewers stick around for the duration of your video, so you can engage better and attract a stronger following.

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