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Tips for a Better Listing Presentation

Even the most experienced real estate agents can learn how to sell themselves more effectively. Increase your chances of winning new clients with these best practices for your next listing presentation.

6 Tips for a Better Listing Presentation

Ask to tour the property in advance. This will give you a chance to take some high-resolution photos and film a short video. You can then use this material to create a more personalized listing presentation and potentially turn the preliminary footage into a video tour enhanced by a compelling narrative about living in the home.

Create a buyer persona. Demonstrate your extensive knowledge of the local market by developing a persona of the buyer you will target for a particular home. Be specific about why they would be attracted to the home and highlight the ways you will engage this target audience.

Create a storyboard. Ask the client to fill out a questionnaire and then use their answers to develop a storyboard for the home on your website or blog. Start with the walking-tour video and then include some of the seller’s own responses of what originally attracted them to the home and area. Link out to any amenities and nearby attractions the seller mentioned in their answers to illustrate to buyers what makes the area so appealing.

Showcase the property. Help the seller visualize your services by bringing along examples of direct mail pieces and listing flyers that use photographs you snapped during your pre-meeting tour. With modern templates and printing services, it’s easy and economical to make quality printouts that will capture attention during your listing presentation.

Demonstrate innovative services. If you are one of the many agents who have embraced technology in your business, stress this to the client. You should also be ready to demonstrate any innovative services during your presentation, whether it is website text messaging, virtual tours or toll-free hotline recordings.

Know the customer. Before you enter a listing appointment, you need to have a clear idea of who your client is. You can use social media to learn about the person so you can personalize your presentation. See if you can find some common ground to help you build a rapport by looking at their profile to get a feel of who they are and what matters most to them. Try to get insight into their situation so you can tailor your presentation in a way that makes it resonate.

Next Level Advice for an Outstanding Listing Presentation

Provide information about comparable properties. When researching the local market, you will want to pay special attention to comparable home sales in the past several months. It’s quite common for sellers to overvalue their homes, so be ready to provide a reasonable picture of the market by offering details about similar inventory. To find good comparisons, look for specific details including:

  • Pricing, including the initial listing price and final sales price
  • Home size, including square footage, number of rooms and bathrooms
  • Distinctive features, such as pools, vaulted ceilings, storage sheds, etc.

Include testimonials. In addition to being personalized and packed with compelling data, your presentation deck should include testimonials from your most satisfied clients. In addition to building leads, social proof can help nurture hesitant clients into getting on board. If you don’t have a robust library of testimonials, here are some tips on how to get more. Be sure to focus on testimonials from clients that best match the person you are targeting. When the seller sees you have helped others similar to themselves sell their homes, they will feel better about putting their faith in your approach.

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