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How Real Estate Agents Can Overcome Fear and Self-doubt

The real estate business can spark anxiety in even the most confident agents. From a fear of rejection to worries that no one will attend an open house, here are some of the most common concerns that plague agents, along with some tips for overcoming stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

Talking to New People

Some real estate agents have a knack for connecting with strangers; others experience anxiety and dread every time they make a cold call. Unfortunately, this nervousness can make agents seem cold, robotic or less confident to prospective clients. Over time, repetition should make it easier. Until then, you can reduce anxiety by creating a script that includes everything you can offer, while inviting prospects to explain what their current and future needs may be and practicing it until it sounds natural. If you encounter an unexpected question, alter your script so you will have a response ready if a similar issue arises.

Fear of Rejection

The possibility of rejection can terrify new real estate agents and cause them to turn away from opportunities. No one wants to hear they aren’t likable or good enough. That said, it’s important to recognize that a professional rejection can happen for a variety of different reasons that may have little to do with you or your abilities. No agent lands every single prospect. Try to remember that it’s business and not personal. Do your best to improve your batting average by honing your skills and perfecting your presentation, then let the chips fall where they may. To have long-term success in the real estate business, you must accept that rejection is an inevitable part of the job.

Empty Open Houses

Every agent has experienced sparsely attended open houses at some point. Sometimes it occurs due to factors beyond your control, such as rain, snow or beautiful weather. In other instances, it’s due to bad planning. You can reduce the risk of poorly attended open houses by looking your listing’s GPS location up and then placing a large number of directional signs in strategic areas that get the most traffic. You can use social media to send out open house invites to your connections. You should also consider enticing neighbors and curious gawkers by offering complimentary food and beverages. Even if they have no intention of buying, a large number of people will make the property seem more appealing to serious buyers.

Unfair Criticism

These days, one unsatisfied client can permanently damage an agent’s reputation by posting bad reviews online. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone. Even if you provide attentive, expert service to every client, you will inevitably encounter someone who simply cannot be pleased. If you do get a bad review, always address it with the person directly to see if you can rectify the issue. Don’t get angry, and always repay irrational and emotional behavior with grace and positivity. If you can’t solve their complaints, accept the situation and move on. If you are worried about the negative impact of a bad review, encourage your satisfied clients to post their own reviews to help offset it.

Being Too Busy

To succeed in real estate, agents have to make themselves available when clients need them. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Many agents worry that they will have to choose between a successful career and a happy family life. If you worry about being too busy, take steps to improve your time management. You can also employ proactive strategies to help balance your work with your role as a parent.

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