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6 Tips for Preparing the Exterior of a Home for an Open House

Since the exterior of a home is the first thing people notice, it should be your first priority when preparing for buyers. Here are some tips for enhancing curb appeal for your next open house.

Clean and Then Clean Some More

It may seem like common sense, but you need to make sure your clients thoroughly clean and groom the exteriors of their homes. Eliminate stray leaves and branches and remove empty or unattractive flower pots. Make sure the windows are spotless and powerwash siding to remove dirt smudges. Clean rain gutters, remove wasp and birds’ nests, rinse away bird droppings and make sure the lawn is mowed. You should also advise your clients to regularly clean their home’s exterior after your open house in case interested buyers drive by to take a second or third look.

Remove Pets from Premises

Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and other pets should not be present during your open house. If your clients can’t board them, see if they can ask a friend or family member to pet sit during your open house. If all else fails, confine pets them to a less-trafficked space. They should also remove any pet droppings, fill any holes in the backyard and repair any chewing damage to fences.

Refresh the Exterior

While they don’t need to invest in pricey renovations, your clients should consider replacing specific outdoor items. This can include old house numbers, rusty mailboxes and tattered doormats. They may also want to paint the front door or replace it entirely if it looks especially worn. New light fixtures can also make a big impact. Your clients can find affordable options at a local home improvement store. They should also depersonalize their front porches and backyards by strategically removing décor, toys and needless clutter.

Make Minor Improvements

Some small improvements can go a long way toward easing anxiety among buyers. If a home is shedding a little paint here and there, advise your clients to touch-up the paint so buyers won’t worry that the home will require a full paint job. They should also consider replacing rusty hinges, rotting woodwork and torn screens. Although they don’t need to spend a ton of time and money on improvements, your clients should do everything they can to eliminate problematic eyesores on the exteriors of their homes that will draw the attention of buyers.

Add Flowers

One great way to quickly elevate the look of a home is by adding a few colorful flowers. Your clients can acquire inexpensive pots of flowers at a local garden store and strategically place them near the front and back doors to help draw prospective buyers in with a reassuring sense of beauty and care for the home.

Turn on Outdoor Lights

If a home has attractive exterior lighting, consider turning it on. Even if you’ve scheduled an open house during the middle of the day, the extra lighting will help brighten the exterior and give potential buyers an idea of how lawns and backyard spaces might look after the sun sets. Depending on the property, this can elevate interest, especially if the house has an especially compelling outdoor living space.

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