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Closing the gap between prospects: Importance of Warm Transfers


A big downfall to not having agents in the office is the loss of prospects calling in to inquire about a home or to set an appointment. The window of opportunity is short from the time a prospect calls to providing them with the information they’re requesting. We live in a world of instant gratification. Hence, the need to close the gap before your prospect turns to call the next number on their list, your competitors. Don’t make prospects wait for the information – start using warm transfers.

A warm transfer is an easy way to connect prospects directly to a real estate agent by enlisting telephone software. Your phone system can be set up to allow your admins to put a prospect on a brief hold while they transfer them directly to a real estate agent’s cell phone or landline. This is a valuable tool when considering most real estate agents spend their time out in the field and the fact that it’s prohibited for an unlicensed person (i.e. office manager) to speak on behalf of a listing.

Tips before transferring:

  • Give the name of the customer you are transferring
  • Describe the customer’s needs to the agent
  • Ensure your real estate agents are available to receive transfers that day

Avoid giving your prospects the window of opportunity to call on a competitor by equipping your business with warm transfer technology.