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Top 3 Things to Consider for Real Estate Admin Efficiency

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Office administrators play an increasingly important role in a real estate office. They help decrease the amount of work agents incur, which allows them to spend more time in the field selling homes. So, what are some things you can do to increase the aid your admins provide to your agents? Here are our top three tips:

  1. Enrolling Home Warranty Service Agreements. Did you know there are online services available that allow admins to enroll Home Warranty Service Agreements on an agent’s behalf? Check out 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty®’s admin function on Agent Portal. Admins can enroll warranties, check the status of a client’s service request and view and print receipts for clients.
  2. MLS Listings. Task your admins with posting and updating listings to the MLS. Also, consider promoting the systems and appliance coverage included on the listing.
  3. Soft Transfers. A big downfall to not having agents in the office is the loss of prospects calling in to inquire about a home or set an appointment. Have your phone systems set up to allow your admins to put a prospect on a brief hold while they transfer them to one of your agents.