Does Social Media Use Improve Home Sales?

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Can Social Media Tools, Like Facebook Live, Improve Home Sales?

How Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat Can Help Real Estate Agents

Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat are three popular ways for people to broadcast live events across social media. They aren’t just for tech-savvy kids, either.

These tools can help you improve home showings while getting more business — here’s how.

Using Facebook Live and Periscope for your Real Estate Business

Facebook’s live streaming tool, Facebook Live, can be hugely useful for real estate agents. Periscope is another live streaming tool that has been capturing the attention of agents. Professional photographs paint a home in it’s best light, but live streaming is an excellent way to give potential buyers real insights into how a home looks and feels.

These platforms give you the opportunity to stream an open house, which allows potential buyers to feel like they’re right there with you. Even if their schedules make it difficult to attend an open house or make it to a showing, they won’t be prevented from finding their next perfect home.

The apps even make it easy for viewers to ask questions during the live stream, so agents can receive and respond to inquiries in real time.

How Real Estate Agents can use Snapchat to Sell Homes

The Snapchat social media platform has become hugely popular amongst a wide range of demographics and industries, and real estate professionals can take advantage, too. Your videos won’t be lengthy like they are on Facebook Live and Periscope, but there are some distinct advantages to the platform.

Let’s look at this real-world example: New York-based broker Victor Alia had an Upper East Side client who was unable to make showings due to his busy work schedule. When Alia found his client the perfect unit, the client wasn’t available.

Thanks to Snapchat, he was able to quickly and easily send the client 10 Snapchats to give him an idea of what the unit looked and felt like. From the moment the cab pulled up, all the way through touring the living room and kitchen, the client was more than ready to sign the lease after viewing Alia’s snaps.

You can use similar techniques in your own business. Send photos and videos to one person or broadcast unfiltered information to your entire following. By adding snaps to your Snapchat story, you can even see who viewed the content so you know who to follow up with.

You can also combine Facebook Live and/or Periscope’s longer videos with Snapchat’s quick videos and photos for an even more comprehensive social media strategy.

Using Live-Streaming Apps for your Real Estate Marketing

Like with most things related to social media, there are seemingly endless ways to use live streaming tools. Where do you even begin?

This list from Placester on 25 Ways to Use Live-Streaming Apps for Your Real Estate Marketing is an excellent resource that can help you figure out exactly how to use these tools in your own business. Choose a few, give them a try, and don’t forget to measure and track your results.

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