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The Importance of Modern Appliances when Selling

Why Buyers Look for Modern Appliances When Buying a House

Homes with modern appliances, like an energy efficient washer and dryer or new stainless steel refrigerator, are in-demand amongst many potential homebuyers. From durability to energy efficiency to aesthetics, homes with these upgrades are extremely appealing to buyers looking for style and comfort. Keep reading to learn more about why modern appliances are so desired.

Modern appliances can last for years to come

While there are certainly a variety of older home appliances that are built to last, new technology has staying power, too. Certain manufacturers also offer manufacturer warranties on their appliances for several years, which is great news for buyers who are concerned about their major home appliances breaking or malfunctioning.

Buyers are concerned about energy efficient appliances

More and more buyers are searching for energy efficient homes as they aim to reduce their carbon footprints and their impact on the environment. Older appliances don’t meet the new energy efficiency standards of today, and buyers know that these dated appliances come with bigger bills and heftier energy consumption. Plus, in the case of the fridge, a new model will not only be more energy efficient, but also much larger.

Essentially, modern appliances save energy when compared to older appliances, and buyers are well aware of this fact.

Modern appliances can make life easier for homeowners

Thanks to built-in technology, our household appliances have the potential to be more useful than ever before. Washers and dryers with sensors and a variety of settings can clean and dry a different fabric types, often without necessitating a trip to the dry cleaner’s. A refrigerator with an ice dispenser ensures that homeowners never have to remember to fill up an ice tray again. Trash compactors make taking out bulky bags of garbage a thing of the past, and they even allow homeowners to reduce the amount of plastic bags that they use to dispose of their trash.

These small lifestyle benefits add up to big increases in convenience for homeowners who want their home to help improve their overall quality of life.

Modern appliances add to a home’s aesthetic appeal

Homeowners tend to avoid homes with outdated appliances because they want their next house to look fresh and modern. This is especially important in the kitchen, where most of a house’s major appliances are located. A home with an updated kitchen that has modern appliances will be valued more than a home with an older, outdated kitchen.

And while stainless steel is a popular finish (especially in the kitchen), it isn’t the only finish that buyers are looking for. In some markets black and white appliances are still the norm, and newness and color matching is more important than color or finish.