What Homeowners Want for Their Homes in 2020

What Homeowners Want for Their Homes in 2020

Some homeowner wants are timeless, while others are a product of the times. In 2020, there are 5 things homeowners said they wanted to change about their homes, according to a Realtor.com study. As an agent, it’s good for you to know what potential Buyers want and what Sellers can do to speak to those wants.

Homeowners want more yard space

Few things are more representative of American home ownership than a lush, spacious yard. That hasn’t changed in 2020, with many homeowners saying they wish they had more yard space. This is especially true of younger, first-time, millennial Buyers, who often value yard space even more than an updated kitchen. But 2020 may have made yard space even more important.

With many people staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the yard became more than just a desirable part of American home ownership. It became a refuge, a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air despite statewide lockdowns. Given the tough and restrictive situations that COVID-19 forced on many homeowners, it’s little wonder why more yard space is important.

How you can help Buyers and Sellers make more yard space

Depending on the area, it may not be possible for homeowners to expand their yards. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help them make more space. One of the easiest ways to do so is to clear clutter from the yard. It’s amazing how much debris and how many unused items can sit in a yard. By suggesting cleaning the yard up and donating/disposing of unused items, you can help Sellers create more space in their yards and attract more Buyers.

Another smart suggestion is to encourage Sellers to maintain their yards. This means taking care of the grass especially, since few Buyers like yards that are mud pits. Another way to maintain a yard is to commit to xeriscaping or zeroscaping. For Sellers who forgo a lawn, keeping the yard tidy and lively can be a strong selling point, particularly for environmentally conscious Buyers.

Updated kitchens are still popular

Updated kitchens continue to be a big want for homeowners. They also tend to be extremely expensive commitments for both Buyers and Sellers. It may not be plausible to suggest to your Sellers that they do a complete kitchen remodel. But there are a couple of things you can recommend.

A simple way to update a kitchen is to paint it a more modern color, such as 2020’s Color of the Year, Chinese Porcelain. Staying current with modern color trends is a more cost efficient way to update the kitchen for both Sellers and Buyers than doing a full-on renovation. You can also recommend new backsplashes and lighting fixtures to bring an updated feel to the kitchen.

One last thing to recommend is a home warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW). The kitchen contains some of the more expensive appliances to repair and replace. When appliances like the oven or refrigerator break down, finding a solution can feel like an unplanned (and unwanted) renovation. With a home warranty, your Buyers and Sellers can protect themselves against unplanned breakdowns and keep their kitchens running well.

Home gyms are more popular than ever

One of the biggest effects of COVID-19 was that it turned the home into more than just a place to live. Following nationwide stay-at-home orders, the home also became the primary work and recreation space for homeowners. Under these circumstances, it makes sense that more homeowners want a home gym. Additionally, millennial Buyers have expressed desires for specialty rooms as they’ve entered the home ownership arena, making this a strong selling point.

As an agent, you can help potential Buyers picture extra rooms or the basement as a prime space for a home gym. This can be a great way to engage millennial Buyers, too, since they value the chance to personalize their spaces.

More natural light is always popular

As we wrote in a recent post, well-lit homes never go out of style. And natural light has taken on additional importance as we begin emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns. Much like the yard, natural light can give homeowners relief from feelings of claustrophobia caused by being cooped up. In addition, more natural lighting can help reduce energy bills by allowing homeowners to keep their lights off during the day. An easy way to bring in more natural light (other than adding more windows, which may not be plausible) is to encourage Sellers to keep their windows and screens clean.

Give them some space!

Everyone wants more space. More space is often a driving factor in looking for a home for most Buyers. And it’s one of the most important things millennial Buyers say they want in a home. To create more space, you can stage your homes to show off open floor plans. If your homes don’t lend themselves to open floor plans, focus on the ways that the home allows for fluid movement among rooms and even between indoor and outdoor spaces.

When Sellers know what Buyers are looking for, they can tailor their home to attract them. When Buyers know that there are Sellers who have what they want in a home, it makes the sales process smoother for everyone.

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