The Pros and Cons of Geodesic Dome Homes | 2-10 Blog

The Pros and Cons of Geodesic Dome Homes Some experts speculate that geodesic domes are the homes of the future. While we’re a long way from entire neighborhoods filled with domed structures, it’s important for builders to stay up to date on emerging trends. The Advantages Geodesic domes are growing in popularity among home buyers […]

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Are Residential Construction Businesses Paying Attention to the Smaller Home Trend? | 2-10 Blog

How Residential Construction Companies Can Take Advantage of the Small Home Building Trend From affordability to manageability, there are a lot of reasons why modern buyers are becoming interested in smaller homes. Learn why some buyers want smaller homes, along with tips for maximizing space. A Major Trend According to a recent survey from real […]

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Rebranding a Residential Construction Company | 2-10 HBW

How to Rebrand Your Residential Construction Company Does your construction company’s brand need a refresh? Today, we explain when a builder should consider rebranding and share actionable insights into the most efficient ways to complete a rebrand. Assess your reasoning. Any effective rebranding strategy should begin with a clear understanding of the reasons behind the […]

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How to (Accurately) Bid on a Remodeling Contract | 2-10 Blog

Making a Profitable Bid on a Home Remodeling Project When they underbid remodeling jobs, builders lose money and waste time they could have spent on higher-paying projects. Unfortunately, when they overbid, builders risk losing out to competitors. To ensure your remodeling bids accurately reflect materials, man-hours and more, follow these guidelines when bidding on new […]

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Building a Solid Home Foundation on Sandy Soil | 2-10 Blog

Tips for Building a New Home on Sand Constructing a home on sandy soil requires strict adherence to specific construction best practices, especially in the coastal regions, southern Texas and the Gulf Coast area. Here are some tips to help you build a stable foundation on sand. Know the sand. When most people think about […]

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How to Handle Difficult Clients as a Home Builder | 2-10 Blog

5 Ways to Deal with Difficult Home Building Clients Every residential construction business faces difficult clients at some point. Beyond causing stress and frustration, demanding clients can cause profit loss, service delays and reputation damage. Since it’s not always possible to avoid tough clients, it’s best to develop strategies to manage them more effectively. Here […]

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