10 Real Estate Video Ideas to Help Your Clients

10 Real Estate Video Ideas to Help Your Clients

10 real estate video ideas to help your clients

Video is one of the most popular and effective ways for real estate agents to reach Buyers and Sellers. What kinds of videos can you create to help Buyers and Sellers find you and work with you? Try these 10 real estate video ideas to open conversations and illustrate your expertise to Buyers and Sellers.

1. Three things to know before moving to [your city]

Buyers want to have an idea about a city’s culture and amenities as they search for their new home. You can help them get a feel for what your city is like with a rundown of the top three things Buyers should know before moving to your city.

For example, you can highlight things like strong school districts, unique festivals, easy accessibility, and close communities. Creating this kind of video gives your clients an inside look at the neighborhood while letting you prove your expertise.

2. The best neighborhoods for young Buyers in [your city]

Many of the Buyers you work with will skew younger. You can appeal to them by showing them neighborhoods that fit their needs in your real estate videos.

Remember that many younger Buyers are looking for specific aspects in a home. Showing them neighborhoods that have move-in-ready homes, space, and modern technology are just a few great ways to make appealing videos for your clients.

3. Which are the best suburbs around [your city] for Buyers?

Suburban living is exploding in popularity, thanks in part to more working from home, low housing inventory, and the affordability crises that many urban areas face. If you can show your clients the perks of suburban life around major metropolitan areas in your real estate videos, you can make good headway in convincing them to work with you.

It’s a little more challenging for Buyers to find in-depth information about suburban life compared to city life. You can make a big difference by introducing them to great benefits of the suburbs in the areas your represent.

4. The top 3 reasons to buy in [your city]

Sometimes, Buyers want an expert to give them a reason to consider a certain area. Combine your knowledge of the area with what previous, like-minded Buyers said about the reasons they chose their home. After providing a few reasons in your real estate video, invite Buyers to reach out to you for more details.

5. Why first-time Buyers love [your city]

Third-party validation is an important tool when talking to Buyers. In fact, it’s a big reason why we all care about Google reviews and other online review sites. It’s one thing for you to tell them what you think of the place you’re showing them. It’s even more effective to show them what other people like them think.

Whether you use past client testimonials about the neighborhood, local publication reviews of the neighborhood, or on-camera interviews with residents (a very tricky ask with a ton of potential), do what you can to provide third-party validation of the area in your real estate videos.

6. The 5 best things to do in [your city]

Buyers will want to know the kinds of things they can do in their neighborhood. Consider filming some of the most popular areas around town and providing a brief voiceover description of why it’s a great place for people new to the neighborhood.

Some places to present in your real estate videos may include walking trails and state parks, museums and zoos, and restaurants and bars.

7. Top pet-friendly spots in [your city]

Younger Buyers put a premium on pet friendliness. It’s one of the reasons they’re so willing to move to the suburbs, since suburbs tend to have more yard space for pets.

In addition to showing them spacious and pet-friendly homes, give them a walkthrough of the pet friendliness of the neighborhood, too. From groomers and off-leash dog parks to cat cafes and more, showing Buyers that their pets are welcome is a great way to entice them to work with you.

8. Why [your city] is great for Buyers who love the outdoors

Having enough space is a huge selling point in normal times. After spending a year or more stuck inside—due to the pandemic, bad weather, and otherwise—Buyers will likely be itching to get out more. There’s no better way to show them that you can find them a home that allows outdoor time than through video.

9. The pros and cons of living in [your city]

Your clients will definitely want to know the good parts of the neighborhoods you show them. But they’ll also want you to be up front about some of the cons of the places you show them.

In your videos, try to balance the less savory aspects of a neighborhood—such as higher property taxes—with advice about how to overcome those challenges. Your clients will likely look to you for advice when they run into trouble. This is a great way to show them that you’ll be in their corner.

10. The best neighborhood for growing families

A big reason people search for homes is to accommodate their growing families. You can speak to these needs by showing them neighborhoods with good schools and daycares, parks, and other kid-friendly elements.

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