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Tips for Getting More Listing Clients

It’s hard enough for real estate agents to regularly secure buyer clients – finding new seller clients can be even trickier. Use these proven tips and tricks to expand your listing client count.

Build relationships. Network with other businesses in your community to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Form alliances, co-host events and send branded gifts to insurance companies, commercial lenders, personal bankers, landscapers, cleaning services, title companies, staging experts and anyone else who might be able to recommend you to clients. Touch base with these contacts regularly and be sure to reciprocate by recommending their services to your clients. The more you help these contacts, the more willing they will be to recommend you as an agent.

Focus on a niche. By developing a specialization, you can focus your marketing efforts and develop a reputation as the go-to agent for these sellers. Some good examples include historic homes, luxury homes, mid-century modern homes, student rentals, distressed properties, vacation homes, senior living, apartments, condominiums, commercial properties and starter homes. Don’t want to pin yourself into just one niche? Create individual websites for a few different niches and use the appropriate one based on the client you are targeting.

Target expired listings. You should consistently pull expired listings from the MLS to see if you can invigorate a cold property. Understand that these sellers are probably frustrated with their current agents and desperate for another option. Start the conversation by showing empathy for their situations. Then, share some specific strategies you will use to help them sell their homes. Bear in mind that listings often expire because of problems with a property or difficult clients, so target each lead carefully to make sure you aren’t wasting your time.

Court neighbors. Homeowners always notice when a for-sale sign appears in their neighborhoods. Many times, they will go online to see who sold a property and how much they got for it. Engage their interest by putting a flier in their mailboxes when your for-sale and sold signs go up. Many times, these homeowners will walk over to talk to your client and ask questions about your services. With this in mind, you should always go above and beyond to create a positive, stress-free real estate transaction to secure glowing recommendations from your former clients.

Go to open houses. Open houses tend to attract lots of curious neighbors who can turn into clients in the near future. Talk to these people and give them insight into the local market. Even if they tell you they won’t be selling for a few months or a couple of years, you will have made a valuable contact that could result in a big payday down the line. If it sounds like a lot of work, just imagine how happy you would be right now if you were getting calls from clients you had met at open houses a year or two ago.

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