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Innovative Construction Tools for Modern Builders

You’re in the know about the newest construction materials and techniques, but when was the last time your toolbox got an upgrade? If you’re looking for ways to make your work easier, check out these six innovative construction tools and gadgets.

Winbag: Designed to simplify the window-hanging process, this inflatable shim can fill gaps of 3/32 inches to two inches. Builders can fine-tune the tool to make windows level and install doors without scratching the surface. Rated at 220 pounds, the Winbag eliminates the need for wood shims. With a few pumps, builders can generate the perfect shim size without any fuss or wasted time.

RIDGID Tubing Cutter: This clever C-style tubing slicer provides close-quarter cutting for 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch tubing, which means builders can carry one less tool. Spring loaded, the tool requires no adjustments as builders spin the cutter. It also has screwdriver slots on the outer surface, so users can generate good leverage in tight areas.

Aqua Shot: Drilling into tile can be an awkward endeavor – builders have to keep hold of the drill, spray water and focus on keeping the water where it belongs. A smart solution to ceramic drilling challenges, Aqua Shot includes a built-in water reservoir that forces water toward the drill bit. Simply fill the tank with water, activate the unit and start drilling. Aqua Shot is compatible with impact drivers, and tips can be replaced as they wear down. You can take a look at this demonstration video to see how the innovative contraption eases the ceramic drilling process.

JCB Teleskid: With a versatile telescoping boom, the JCB Teleskid allows builders to access a wider variety of areas. Providing eight feet of outward reach, this clever creation is the first and only skid with a skid steer loader and compact track loader enhanced by a telescoping boom. This provides about 60% more visibility than similar twin-armed machines. Capable of moving up to 1600 pounds with the boom extended and 3695 pounds when it’s retracted, JCB Teleskid allows builders to dig deeper, reach further and lift higher than any other skid on the market.

Touch ‘n Foam: This easy-to-use product dispenses foam sealants and adhesives without all the endless, exhausting trigger squeezing. Specifically designed for professional contractors, the foams provide enhanced adjustable output and bead control. The All-Purpose Foam Sealant is also a Type V Residential Fireblock that can seal and fill holes, cracks and joints around structures. The product line also includes a low expansion foam for sealing around windows and doors, along with specialty foams for landscaping and low-temperature applications.

2010A Air Compressor: Manufactured by California Air Tools, the 2010A includes a light-weight aluminum tank and oil-free dual-piston pump with a very fast recovery time. But what makes this air compressor special is what it doesn’t do: make a lot of noise. Running at about 60-dB, the 2010A is about as quiet as restaurant chatter. It also uses less power than the average compressor and functions well in cold temperatures.

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