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7 thoughtful and creative gifts for real estate clients at closing

Some of the Best Closing Gifts for Real Estate

Do you give your clients gifts after successfully helping them sell or purchase a home?

Many real estate agents opt for gifts like wine or address stamps, but those aren’t your only options. Here are 7 gifts you can give to your clients — some are thoughtful, many are useful, and all will be appreciated.

1. Have dinner delivered

Closing on a home is stressful, so why not make life easier for your clients by having dinner delivered to their new home when they move in or after they sell and have packed their belongings?

Pizza is a great choice, but you could also strategically try to get some information about your client’s’ food preferences as you work together.

2. A care package for real estate clients

If you’ve ever received a care package with useful items, you know how appreciated this gift is. Give your clients a package filled with some of the things they’ll need to get settled in their next place: paper towels, paper plates, plastic cutlery, hand soap, and anything else they can use during the first few days of moving.

3. Nice coffee table books based on their interests

Has your buyer or seller mentioned that they love traveling in South America, or that they’re a bourbon aficionado? Whatever the interest, there’s likely a beautifully bound coffee table book that celebrates the topic.

4. A custom photo album of their home

Do you have professional photos taken of a home before listing? You could turn those into a lovely photo book for your recent buyers, especially if you know they don’t plan on doing any major renovations or making any big changes to the home.

5. Gift cards are always welcome

Cash-strapped new homeowners will always appreciate the gift of cash. You could give your clients a gift card to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or the local hardware store to help them get their new place in order.

6. Personalized household necessities

Personalized wine glasses, high-quality knives, coffee mugs, and other household items also make great gifts for buyers and sellers alike.

You could have the items monogramed with the family initial, but another option is to personalize the gift with something relevant to your city, state, or region.

7. Caffeine… and more caffeine

Buying or selling a home takes a lot of energy out of your clients, so the gift of caffeine could be very much appreciated.

You could gift clients a nice bag of coffee or a selection of teas. Add some eye-catching mugs, too!

Always choose a gift that takes your client’s needs into account

No matter what gifts you choose to give, it’s important to put yourself into your client’s mind when gifting.

The best gift will be one that they’ll use and/or enjoy — a client who just purchased a home they plan on gutting and remodeling might not want a custom photo book, but pizza or a gift card to the hardware store might go over well.

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