Builders, Here’s How to Up Your Professionalism

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Have you thought about the image you convey to potential homebuyers, real estate agents and other construction industry professionals?

Maintaining professionalism is one way to gain more business and credibility, but it’s not something most builders spend a lot of time thinking about. From cleaning up job sites to having a web presence, here are some simple things every builder can do to appear more professional.

Leave all job sites tidy at the end of the day

Builders and their subcontractors should absolutely clean up the job site at the end of the day. No matter how small the job, and even if things will just get dirty again the next day.

You don’t have to sweep things 100% clean, but take the time to put away tools, prep for the next day, and toss out any garbage. This is particularly important if you’re working on a remodeling project and the homeowners are living at the house. It also keeps things “show ready” in case potential buyers want to take a look at the house while it’s being built.

Make a vow to become a better communicator

Building a home means there will be many moving parts — the plumbing team is on the site one day, HVAC the next, and each crew needs to know what’s going on so that they can schedule accordingly.

Internal communication is important, but so is keeping the homeowner up to date. If you’re proactive with client communication (especially when there’s a delay), your professional image will get a boost.

Don’t forget your online presence

These days, your business needs some sort of online presence, because people will almost certainly be looking you and your construction business up online.

A simple website is a great start. You can also use your website (and social media tools like Facebook) to collect reviews from happy buyers.

Utilize strategic partnerships

You can also partner with other people in the construction and real estate world to boost your professionalism. You’ll both benefit from associating with other trusted, competent professionals, and the business-related benefits from networking can be very impactful.

To start, try teaming up with a local real estate agent.

Attend industry conferences

Conferences and other events are an excellent way to grow your network and learn more about the most recent innovations and trends in the construction industry. You can find events throughout the country, including in your home state.

For a national conference, it’s hard to beat the National Association of Home Builders annual International Builders’ Show. There’s a trade show with more than 1,500 top manufacturers and suppliers, educational sessions and sponsored networking events with attendees from around the world.

No matter which conference you attend, you’ll walk away with new contacts, new ideas and the type of professional image that’s easy to achieve when you focus on learning and building your business.


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