Should Builders Include More Outdoor Rooms?

building outdoor rooms

building outdoor rooms

Should Home Builders Include More Outdoor Rooms?

What Builders Need to Know About Building Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are all the rage in home design, some homeowners are even giving up indoor space for more outdoor space. But what are outdoor rooms exactly, and where are they most popular? If you want to learn more about outdoor rooms, including how to incorporate them into your home designs, then keep reading.

What is an Outdoor Room?

An outdoor room is simply a living space located outdoors. These rooms are often in the backyard, on the patio or even within a garden. Sometimes these rooms are screened in, but more often than not they’re covered with a pergola, awning, gazebo or other sturdy structure that doesn’t take away from the experience of being outdoors.

The uses for outdoor rooms are virtually limitless, too. They can be used for entertaining, cooking, lounging, sleeping and more. Some homeowners include hot tubs in their outdoor rooms, while others have full kitchens, ample seating and other features. Outdoor rooms are easily customized and their appeal is growing.

Where are Outdoor Rooms Popular?

According to HGTV, outdoor rooms are most popular in the southern part of the country where temperatures are warmer and winter is short or nonexistent. But, while builders will see the greatest demand for outdoor rooms in warmer parts of the country, HGTV also notes that northern builders are finding creative ways to bring this trend to colder climates. Inexpensive gas or infrared radiant heaters make heating outdoor spaces a snap, for example.

How to Incorporate Outdoor Rooms into your Home Builds

Thankfully for builders, adding outdoor rooms to home builds is fairly straightforward. Much of the customization will probably stem from the homeowner, but here are a few ways you can incorporate outdoor rooms into the homes you build:

  • When building outdoor rooms transition from indoor to outdoor space seamlessly with features like floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Pocket doors also fit these designs nicely.
  • In small spaces, use landscaping to your advantage. Lanais can be heavily landscaped, which provides privacy and a buffer from neighboring noise.
  • Make sure you wire for things homeowners might want, like cable TV, heating, lighting and other comforts.
  • When choosing flooring, use the same amount of care and consideration that you would when selecting interior finishes.
  • If your market demands it, you can even build fireplaces and fire pits, or add kitchen features like grills and weather-resistant cabinets.

And remember- some surveys suggest that up to 50% of all American homeowners are spending more time at home now than they were five years ago. 80% of those homeowners also said having an outdoor living space where they can entertain and relax is important, so if you want to add more outdoor rooms to your designs, there’s never been a better time.

Do you personally spend time in an outdoor room? Do your neighbors have outdoors rooms? Discuss with us in the comments below.

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