Home Staging Techniques to Appeal to Families

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Home Staging Techniques to Appeal to Families

How to Stage a Home for Buyers with Families

Parents who are looking for their next home want something that’s perfect for the entire family, and staging a home to appeal to this group is a bit different than run-of-the-mill staging. If you’re selling homes in an area that’s well-known as being family friendly, using specific home staging techniques can help attract those families.

How can you stage certain rooms to show off this family-wide appeal? Keep reading to learn some of the most useful tips and tricks.

Forget Most Standard Staging Advice When Trying to Attract Families

Typically, sellers are encouraged to keep signs of their children hidden during the selling process. But, that advice can be altered if the buyer is actively marketing to families. In these cases having a “cute” bedroom wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can forget all of the most well-known staging tips. You should still encourage families to keep the clutter and personal knick-knacks at bay, for example.

Make the Kids’ Rooms Shine

Young families want to see bedrooms that they can imagine their own children in, so keep that in mind when staging secondary bedrooms. These rooms need to feel inviting and friendly.

How to Stage Furniture in Children’s’ Rooms

Keep furniture on the smaller side, with beds no larger than a twin. A queen-sized bed could dwarf the room, especially when combined with other furniture. To make the room appear larger try placing the bed against a wall.

And, if your sellers don’t have a smaller bed readily available, let them know that they can easily create a fake “bed” for staging purposes — just configure some empty boxes into the correct size, and then cover them with bedding.

Don’t Shy Away From a Theme

Contrary to popular advice, themed rooms can hold great appeal when marketing a home to families. The goal is to choose something that’s universally loved, like cartoon characters or a nice color theme.

When working on the kids rooms, aim to make buyers and their children feel so excited that they’ve finally found the house they can call home.

Stage the Living Room, Kitchen, Den and Other Rooms to Appeal to Children

A formal living room with museum-ready furnishings (probably) won’t appeal to families looking for their next home.

Stage these spaces in a way that makes them attractive to all members of the family. For example, stage the den as a relaxing space, but also include a playroom area where kids can do their homework or complete their next art project.

Play Up the Backyard

If your seller has a great backyard, highlight its playtime appeal while showing off the yard’s safety. A swing set can be a nice touch, but make sure the pool is completely gated.

While these features won’t turn a no into a yes on their own, these extra touches and attention to details can help turn on-the-fence families into the next owners of the home.

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