How to Make a Great First Impression During the Listing Appointment

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It’s important for agents to make strong first impressions during listing appointments since they can mean the difference between big profits and lean stretches. Research has shown people are quick to form impressions of others, so review these best practices before your next listing appointment and get ready to wow your new client.

Find some common ground. One of the best ways to make a strong first impression is to find relatable topics to discuss. You can establish a connection by taking a thorough look at your client’s social media pages and searching for potential talking points. LinkedIn is also a great resource for information, such as a common alma mater or a shared connection. Even if you can’t find a lot of commonality between you and the client, your research will help you make small talk, which can go a long way toward building a connection.

Take the lead. From the moment you appear on a seller’s doorstep, you should demonstrate your professionalism by taking control of the appointment. Most often, sellers don’t really know what to do during a listing appointment. Ease their nerves and show your chops by suggesting that they give you a tour of the home. During the tour, take plenty of notes and make observations to show that you are present and attentive.

Watch your body language. Selling a house can feel like a complicated process to your clients and they will be looking for a real estate agent who is comfortable and confident. While it’s perfectly normal to be nervous about an important listing, make sure you don’t project this nervousness. Some simple poses can improve your self-confidence. Be sure to sit up straight, take long strides and walk with your shoulders back and chest held high. It may be helpful to take a video of yourself to see how you look to others and where you can improve, especially if you don’t always have good posture.

Demonstrate value. If you run across an undesirable feature in a home, point it out and offer a solution. This is a great way to show you are a quick-thinking problem-solver with the ability to resolve the little things that make sellers nervous. For instance, you could say something like, “Recently I had a listing with a couple of smaller rooms that seemed a little cramped, but we were able to make them appear larger by painting them in a neutral linen color.”

You can also show your depth of knowledge by explaining how a home warranty can help protect sellers from unexpected systems and appliances failures during the listing period while establishing a record of coverage for the property that transfers to the buyer after closing. Although they may sound like small things, these statements can go a long way toward demonstrating value, while also showing that you are engaged and have their best interest in mind.

Provide a plan of action. When it comes to making a good impression during a listing appointment, you have to do more than simply talk about yourself and your accomplishments. You need to demonstrate that you are aware and present, while also providing solutions to set yourself apart from your real estate peers. After you finish your tour of the property, sit down with the seller and jot down dates for open houses, tours, inspections and even offers if the current market warrants it. Provide a copy of your written plan to the seller before you leave. Tell them you will call within the next two days to schedule inspections and confirm the listing price. By the time you leave, the seller will feel confident that they have found the right listing agent.


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