5 Instagram Hacks for Real Estate Agents

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5 Instagram Hacks for Real Estate Agents

Instagram Tips to Help Real Estate Agents Land More Clients

Social media tools that are focused on visuals, such as Instagram, can be an excellent addition to your marketing efforts. Here are some Instagram tips to help market the properties you’re trying to sell.

Engaging Your Audience

With hundreds of millions of daily users, Instagram has an incredible reach. The platform is also a great resource for real estate agents to generate leads, such as:

  • Local homeowners interesting in selling
  • Local buyers in search of homes in your area
  • Out-of-town real estate agents in search of referral agents in your area
  • Out-of-town buyers in search of homes in your area
  • Former clients who follow you online
  • New clients who happen across your Instagram profile
  • Referral clients tagged on Instagram by a mutual connection

To connect with these prospective clients, however, you will need to find ways to set your profile apart from the pack. Keep reading for some effective strategies.

Standardize your image editing

To attract attention on Instagram, you need captivating, high-quality real estate photos while also standing out from other profiles. One great way to do this is by using photo editing tools to crop your images into landscape format instead of Instagram’s standard square format. You can use apps such as PicCollage, Pixlr or Canva to alter your real estate photos in a way that makes them pop. You should then maintain consistency with each post to give your profile a distinctive style.

Promote your community

Instead of just promoting properties on your Instagram account, promote your city and community. Remember that when people choose a home, they are also choosing where they will live, work, shop and raise their kids. By telling compelling stories about the local community and its people, you can broaden your appeal while positioning yourself as an expert in the local market.

Enhance discovery

Geotag every image’s location so a wider audience can find them. You should also link to the listing page on every single property image you post. Since Instagram does not provide a natural method for this, you will need to use a third-party tool such as Linkin.bio to link to other pages with additional information about a property.

Use the right hashtags

To maximize discoverability, you need to use local hashtags that are relevant to your region. While it may feel good to see your followers grow through the use of generic real estate-related hashtags, it’s more important to have relevant followers who can become actual leads. Instead of using #RealEstate, #RealEstateBroker or #RealEstateAgent, add a geo-specific element such as #SanDiegoHomesForSale or #RealEstateChicago.

Tell stories

You can leverage Instagram stories to engage your followers more effectively. Showcase stories that highlight neighborhoods, attractions, community leaders, residents, daily life and any other compelling aspect of a community. This is another good way to position yourself as an expert in your local market.

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