Kitchen Upgrades that Meet Modern Needs

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The Kitchen Isn’t Just for Eating and Cooking Anymore

There’s hardly a bigger turn-off to potential buyers than an outdated or non-functional kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and homeowners are increasingly using their kitchens for far more than just cooking and eating. Nowadays, the kitchen tends to be the epicenter of a home. Open floor plans, spacious islands, and other details are all well-loved by homeowners. These trends allow them to entertain and relax in one comfortable area.

Building a unique kitchen that’s perfectly suited to the end user doesn’t have to be too difficult, either. With this in mind here are some top kitchen design trends and tips that builders can reference when designing their next project.

Leave room for technology

Technology undoubtedly plays a huge role in our lives and buyers will appreciate a kitchen that embraces their gadgets. Incorporate spaces for charging electronics, like a specific docking station area. Some homeowners even enjoy having a flat screen in their space, so consider including that design element in your blueprints.

Plus, with room for technology like a flat screen, homeowners can continue with the trend of having the kitchen be the center of socializing and other activities.

Build a kitchen for entertaining

Because we know that the kitchen is a popular gathering spot, why not make it easier for homeowners to entertain guests? Warming drawers are popular amongst busy entertainers who want to keep food hot and fresh. If you have enough space to do it right, islands are also a welcome addition as they allow people to move about and interact with ease.

Other considerations include flooring and finishes that can hold up to wear and tear. Marble floors aren’t great in high traffic areas, but ceramic tile, hardwoods, and cork are all suitable options.

Don’t forget about the furry family members

68% of households in the U.S. have at least one pet. That’s no small number, so why not include the needs of pets in your kitchen design? Cat owners will love a closed-off nook or other area for a litter box, pet doors are also desirable, and how about a nook for a dog bed and some feeding bowls? Since many families like to have their pets with them inside of the home, make it easier for animals to join them in the kitchen.

Make it easy to keep clutter under control

Homeowners are loving the look of open, bright and spacious kitchens. But, it can be difficult to achieve that look on a regular basis, especially once this high-traffic room starts seeing use. One solution that designers are turning to is the installation of pullouts.

A National Kitchen and Bath Association survey found that more than 90% of the people they surveyed favored pullouts for increased storage. Customers want pullouts for trash and recycling, lazy susans and spice pullouts to keep their counters clean and clutter-free.

Above all, keep the end user in mind

Of course, the kitchen that you design will be largely dependent on the flavor of the home or development that you’re building. Always think about the demographics of your target homebuyer, and learn about their likes and dislikes. With some research you’ll have all of the information necessary to design a beautiful kitchen that functions perfectly for your ideal buyer.


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