Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Getting More Testimonials

Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Getting More Testimonials

As a real estate agent or Realtor, you know that client testimonials and referrals are key to attracting more business. But how can you make sure your marketing strategy encourages clients to spread the word about you? While every good real estate marketing plan starts with doing an outstanding job, here are some actionable steps to help you start getting more client testimonials and referrals.

Reach out to past, happy clients

Past, happy clients are a wellspring for testimonials. When you do a great job helping them buy or sell their home, they rarely forget. In the real estate business, clients typically remember the ins and outs of a transaction months after it has passed. That’s why it’s so important to tap into their appreciation of your services.

Engaging past clients for testimonials is fairly easy. Since you likely have their email address, you can start by sending out a separate newsletter to Buyers and Sellers. This not only provides added value after the transaction but also gives you a place to request testimonials. You can include a link to an online survey—through places like Survey Monkey—that provides ratings scales and places for them to write their opinions of you. Be sure to include a disclaimer that you may use their testimonials in your marketing.

In addition to more-passive email marketing, sending personalized emails requesting testimonials is another strong marketing strategy. This is especially useful for clients you made a strong connection with. You can remind your clients of the positive experiences you had with each other and request that they share those experiences. Ask them to write a positive Google, Yelp, or Facebook review especially. Make sure they know that their testimonial drives business for you. They’ll be happy to help you, since you helped them!

Leverage social media and online rating sites

Did you know that more than 40% of adults get their news from Facebook? Social media can be fertile ground for collecting and promoting testimonials, and laying the groundwork of good lead generation. If you haven’t already, add your business profile, including photos, videos, and as much information about your business as possible. Ask your clients to post positive experiences on your feed to bolster your reputation. Make sure you do the same on Google, Yelp, and other online review sites.

Bear in mind that you may receive a few reviews you wish you could remove. Whatever you do, don’t remove them! Always try your best to answer complaints genuinely and professionally, and never allow emotions to draw you into a heated exchange. By acknowledging negative reviews with patience and professionalism, you will demonstrate that you listen and care.

Make sure your clients know how important online testimonials are to you

While working with your clients, be sure to talk periodically about the importance of online reviews. Remind them that you get a substantial percentage of new clients from positive online reviews. Explain that many of your current clients have found you in this way. One easy way to bring it up in conversation is to ask your clients how they found you. If the answer is anything other than “through a review site,” express your surprise and explain that much of your business comes from your positive online reviews. That plants the seed for a future testimonial request.

Make it easy for clients to give you testimonials

Many Buyers and Sellers don’t know they can leave reviews on their own. You can nudge them in the right direction by sending an email after closing. Instead of jumping straight into a request for a review, ask how they are settling in and if they enjoy their new location. Include some advice for new homeowners, including an assortment of helpful maintenance tips. At the end of your email, invite them to contact you with any questions and then provide links to online rating sites where they can leave a review about your services. This is also a great place to share any blog posts you’ve written that include helpful home ownership hints.

Ask for video testimonials

Online video testimonials have become one of the most powerful modern marketing tools because they come off as personal and sincere. Unfortunately, not every client is comfortable on video. But if you’ve had clients who really loved your work, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a video testimonial. Seeing real people talk about their real estate experiences is powerful. If you developed a good relationship with specific clients, don’t hesitate to ask them to sit down for a short video recording.


Getting more testimonials is a matter of doing an excellent job and then asking the right way. One last way to increase the likelihood of client testimonials is by providing home warranty coverage from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW). Many Buyers and Sellers first hear about the benefits of a home warranty from their agent/Realtor. And when they learn all the things it can do for them, they tend to want one.

By providing Buyer or Seller home warranty coverage for your clients, you take another step toward glowing testimonials. The last thing your clients want, whether they’re Buyers or Sellers, is a system or appliance to break down without a solution. Enrolling in coverage gives your clients a solution they may not have known they had, and they’ll certainly thank you for it!

2-10 HBW offers comprehensive systems and appliances home warranties to help protect your clients from unexpected repair and replacement costs. Contact us to learn more.

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